Uh-oh! Look what you just stepped in!

Welcome to my blog!  If you are a nerd, a geek, an outcast, possibly a classic rocker, or just have so much time on your hands that you are actually reading this, I’m happy to see that you are here!  I’ve written reviews for numerous things on many websites over the years, and have apparently gained a very small following as a result.  This blog will be utilized to give readers such as yourself a little peek into my wildly bizarre but oddly normal life.

I’ll be covering everything from concerts and conventions that I attend to all sorts of nerdy things like science fiction and fantasy films, books, comics, action figures, etc.  I will also talk about projects that myself and friends have in the works.  I might even do an interview or two once I get my feet good and wet with this whole blog thing.

Basically I will blog about any and everything that I want to blog about.  I’ll post a photo or two every now and then and do my best to keep things light and fun.

As my blog grows, I’ll happily take a peek at anything my readers might want me to check out.  Feel free to leave comments, because comments will help me improve this blog and/or give me a good laugh as well.

Talk at you some more soon!!!!! 

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