Looking Like Thor By The Summer

Lake Charles, LA

Thor is a character that I’ve loved since I was a youngster.  He’s never really been the it hero for me, but he’s always flying around with Mjolnir in the background.  What’s not to like about the guy?  He’s a little bit cocky yet still has a down to Earth (technically I think it would be “down to Midgard”) attitude.  He’s handsome, has awesome hair, is totally ripped, and manages to learn something in just about all of his encounters with other heroes, villains, and commoners like myself. 

I will often post photos of Chris Hemsworth’s version of Thor with his shirt off on my Facebook page and jokingly refer to the photo as being one of myself during my Insanity workouts.  Sadly, these faux “selfies” draw more likes and comments than actual photos of myself or of my family!  Oddly enough (but not that surprising), my female FB friends like or comment on these photos the most.  In fact, only one male friend of mine consistently likes these photos and he does so because he’s a nerd like me and gets the joke. 

Now I know that there is no way on God’s green earth that I will ever look even remotely as ripped or as handsome as Chris Hemsworth unless God allows my thin hair to miraculously start sprouting again and he gives me a bank account that will allow me to have a personal trainer and/or major surgery, but I can definitely strive to look like the big guy and keep moving towards that goal.

How do I do it?  By getting off my bottom, exercising (even when my lazy engine is telling me not to), trying my best to eat right, and, most importantly, enjoying my life.  I’ve struggled with my weight for all of my life, and with forty years of age just two years away, I’m finally making a concerted effort to get into shape and possibly add a few more years to my life.

What I have done is set what I call the “idiotic goal” of looking like Thor.  Sounds crazy, right?  But that is my ultimate goal.  I know that it’s almost impossible, but it’s a goal I’ve intentionally set so that reaching smaller goals seems much easier.  It’s a mental trick that I’ve thrust upon myself to keep me motivated.  I’ve set this goal to look like the God of Thunder, but before I reach that goal, I know that there are many smaller goals that I have to achieve first.

I’ve actually reached my first goal, which was to lose twenty-four pounds.  I did that with the help of Insanity, willpower, and good old fashioned support from family and a wellness coach.  With that small goal out of the way, I’ve set my sights on losing twenty more pounds.  I started out as a major fatty at 244 pounds.  220 was my first goal and I reached it.  I’m now at 216 pounds (I’ve actually lost a pound since my last post!), and I have 200 in my target zone.  Once I reach that goal, what will I do next?  My plan is to lose ten more pounds to reach 190 and then another ten to reach 180. 

Why did I drop down to a ten pound goal when I reach 200? Because by losing more weight I’ll have less to lose.  Plus, I’m building muscle the entire time that I’m working out, so eventually I hope to reach a point where gaining weight becomes a good thing due to building muscle. 

So, will I look like Thor by summer?  Probably not, but I do hope to be a little bit skinnier and a lot more healthy.  Who knows?  I might just post a picture when June or July comes around to show you all how much I’ve progressed. 

As always, thanks for reading my rambling thoughts.  I really do appreciate it. If you’re a nerd like me who’s fighting with their weight, or just a nerd in general, please feel free to leave a comment about your own weight struggles or goals.  I won’t mind a little encouragement from anyone either!  If you’re a fitness buff or happen to not be a nerd but might be doing the Insanity program or any other exercise program, I’d love to hear from you in the comments as well.  Maybe we can all look like Thor by summer?!?!?!? 


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