Heating Up The South!

Somewhere in Mighty Mississippi

The southern United States isn’t necessarily the first place that comes to mind whenever someone mentions geek culture, but geek culture is definitely thriving in key parts of the South.  Almost all of the southern states have successful fan-run conventions.  Some states, such as Louisiana and Mississippi, have multiple successful fan-run events.  Larger cities in the South have attracted the likes of Wizard World as well.

With that in mind, I decided to pose Ten Burning Questions to Tim Nicholas.  He’s one half of the dynamic duo that heads up Southern Geek Fest, a fan-run convention that’s celebrating its second year in 2017.  It takes place in Hattiesburg, and I was fortunate enough to attend the first SGF, and I have to admit that it was an excellent event.  You can read more about my time at that event here.  I’ve been friends with the second member of that duo, Rafe White, for quite a while now, but I’m still getting to know Tim, so I showed no mercy to him with these Ten Burning Questions!

Read on to find out some juicy tidbits about Tim and Southern Geek Fest!

1. You’re a big part of Southern Geek Fest. What exactly do you do with that convention?

Along with Rafe White, I am one of two promoters. At our last SGF, I was in charge of vendor relations, floor planning, volunteers and a hundred other things. Basically I do everything that Rafe doesn’t do.


2. Rafe White or Snow White? Who is the bigger diva?

Rafe is definitely the biggest diva!! He is constantly needy. I think he made an SGF volunteer pick out all the yellow M&Ms before he would eat the bag.


The Dynamic Duo of Southern Geek Fest, Tim Nicholas (L) and Rafe White (R).

3. Which celebrity have you always wanted to meet but haven’t had the opportunity to see in person?

Jackie Chan is probably highest on my list right now.


4. What is the most fun part of running a convention?

It has to be all the women throwing themselves at your feet!! Wait, that was a dream I had. The fun when running a con happened for me after the show, getting the feedback from all the attendees and vendors that we put on a good show.

5. What is the toughest thing about running a convention?

The unexpected. All the multiple fires that had to be extinguished.

6. Black Sabbath with Ozzy or Black Sabbath with Ronnie James Dio? Who do you prefer and why?

Sabbath with Ozzy. I love Dio, but I’m all the way Ozzy!!


7. Read any good comics lately? What is your favorite title?

I really haven’t read anything lately. I keep telling myself that I need to get back into comics, but I just haven’t done it.

8. What is your favorite fandom and why?

I’m a huge Trekkie and I love Fantasy novels . Star Trek was a favorite of my parents. I guess them introducing it to me as a child made me love it for my entire life. When I was in high school, a local video store went out of business. I took every dollar a could get together and bought the entire original series on VHS from them. I still have all those VHS’s.

9. In your opinion, has The Walking Dead jumped the shark? Why?

I don’t think so yet. This season has not been very good so far, but I think they are trying to move the show in a different direction. You can’t turn the Titanic on a dime, and I think the same thing goes for mega shows like Walking Dead.


10. A volcano is about to blow and the only way to save the village at the foot of the mountain is to blast Miley Cyrus tunes at the lava? Do you crank up the Cyrus or die a painful death?

“Came in like a wrecking ball!!!”


Mega, happy, deluxe bonus question: Is there a webpage or social media pages where folks can learn more about Southern Geek Fest? If so, share them here and I’ll include links!

Facebook group at Southern Geek 

Our webpage is southerngeekfest.com

@SGeekFest on Twitter and Instagram.

I hope that everyone enjoyed reading about Tim and Southern Geek Fest.  For the record, this is the first time that Miley Cyrus will be featured on a tag in one of my posts.  Thanks for that, Tim.  Be sure to click on all of the links above and follow Southern Geek Fest to get the latest on their wonderful event.

As always, thanks for reading.  I have a few more victims lined up for Ten Burning Questions, and I’ll be getting to them very soon!

A Galaxy On Fire!

A Long Time Ago, In Mississippi

From Rancors to ghosts to Gotham’s toughest villains, the brave soul that’s stepping up to answer Ten Burning Questions, Karen Camp, has her hands full!  She faced down all ten questions with the bravery of Princess Leia, and gave me some great answers.

Here are Karen’s Ten Burning Questions:


1. DDK found out that you’re part of the Mississippi Mandalorians. Could you tell us a little bit about this group?

The Mississippi Mandalorians are a Star Wars based fan group. We have members who cosplay and those who don’t. We try to help raise money with different charities anytime possible. Mostly we are just a bunch of geeks who like to get together as often as possible and geek out.

2. Who puts the “Man” in Mandalorian, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, or someone else?

Boba Fett, most definitely!


3. Are you a part of any other groups, cosplay or otherwise? (click each group to go to their Facebook page)

I’m a member of : Dead South Horror, Gotham Rogues, Mississippi Metahumans, 501st Rancor Raiders, and I’m a member of Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute.

4. Darth Talon or Mara Jade? Who wins that fight and how do they do it?

Mara Jade wins. One good force slam into a wall, then a clean slice across her neck with her purple light saber.


5. The zombie apocalypse has begun! Name three characters that you want by your side when it all goes downhill!

Daryl Dixon, Rick Grimes, Michonne.

6. Do you collect anything nerdy or geeky? If you do, what is it?

I collect anything Luke Skywalker. I have other Star Wars pieces as well. My main item is a life size Han Solo in Carbonite.

7. Should the Star Wars prequels be rebooted or left as they are, warts and all?

The prequels should definitely be left alone. The Phantom Menace was the first Star Wars movie I saw on the big screen. It is what made me fall in love with a galaxy far far away.

8. You’re stranded on a dark highway. Which of these characters would you rather have by your side: Batman, Rick Grimes, or Howard the Duck?

Rick Grimes.  Hopefully he will take me to Daryl Dixon.


9. What are some of your favorite conventions to attend?

My favorite conventions are the Star Wars Celebration, Texas Frightmare, and of course Southern Geek Fest.

10. If you could live on any planet in the Star Wars universe, which one would you pick and why?

I would choose to live on Coruscant, but it would be the Coruscant from the EU. I know it’s not canon anymore, but I wanna live on the Coruscant with the Jedi Temple. The one with Luke Skywalker as the Jedi Grand Master.

Mega happy, super bonus question: Do you or the Mississippi Mandalorians have a webpage or social media pages that you’d like to share?  Karen provided links to all of the groups that she is a part of.  To visit any of them, simply click on the links in questions above.


I want to give a big thank you to Karen for answering Ten Burning Questions.  I have two more interviewees waiting in the wings and will post their answers in the very near future.  I also want to thank all of you for taking time to read this post.

Not to steal any of Karen’s thunder, I also want to briefly address the death of Carrie Fisher.  As many of you know, our lovely princess passed away today, 12/27/2016.  She will be greatly missed.


I plan on doing a more in depth post about Carrie Fisher in the near future.  Rest in peace, beautiful lady.

Again, thanks for reading.  See you all at a convention soon!

A Wolf In Flames!

The Single Most Important Artist That I’ve Ever Met (I’ll get to why later)

Ten Burning Questions has returned!  I plan on having a few new question answering souls over the next few days, so stay tuned.  First up is Michael Granger, an artist, graphic designer, and a friend of mine.  He stepped up to the plate and let his artwork do the talking with his Ten Burning Questions!!!!

Here are his answers!

1. My readers may not know this, but you created DDK’s standard cover photo over on Facebook (it’s currently a Christmasy Spider-Man but will revert after the holidays). Have you designed things for other major celebrities and/or people of note?


I’ve designed a banner for Southern Geek Fest 1 guest, actor John Mangus which was a pretty cool experience! Thanks to Rafe White & Tim Nicholas (of Southern Geek Fest), I got to do most of the guest announcements for Southern Geek Fest One as well as the guest/vendor/artist/admin badges. Scott Hambach is handling all the graphics for SGF2.  I also did the poster for Harvest Night, a horror short by Joey Crocker.

2. Tell us a little bit about LONEWOLF Designs. Whaddya do?

What little design knowledge I have I put towards making geek or horror themed designs for shirts, stickers, etc. mostly geek stuff from Star Wars, Firefly, Doctor Who, etc.


3. Are you a lone wolf, or is that just a little intelligent marketing?

No one has ever accused me of being clever before lol. I’m pretty much a lonewolf. My first tattoo I ever got even says it. But I’ve learned to learn from my betters and to try to keep pushing the level. Ever since I was very young I’ve had this fascination bordering on obsession with wolves and it’s pretty much synonymous with me.

4. Who is your favorite DC superhero and why?

He may be overliked but I would have to go with Batman. He’s dark and troubled but also on a mission. Supes was born with power. Batman doesn’t have powers but instead uses tactics, stealth and martial arts prowess which I respect. That’s what makes him truly dangerous.


5. You’re stuck in traffic. Your only source of entertainment is a radio that catches two stations. One station plays nothing but new country and the other plays contemporary jazz. Which one do you choose?

Jazz if I must. Not a country fan from any era, lol.

6. Beast Man (Masters of the Universe), Beast (X-men), or Chewbacca. Who would be the best spokesperson for Loreal?

While Storm liked what Beast did with his hair, I would have to go with the walking carpet, Chewbacca. He would be the perfect full body spokesman for the power of a good conditioner, lol.


7. Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, or Doctor Strange? Which one would you rather receive a full physical examination from and why?

Doom. Not only is he a genius but he is skilled as a sorcerer and I imagine studied anatomy as a way to exploit the weaknesses of his foes. But the cold armor, brrr. No prostate exam this time Doom.

8. Do you collect anything nerdy? If so, what do you collect?

I have a few Funko Pops, but stuff from Star Wars to comics such as my boy, Wolverine (fav marvel character) such as a Wolverine #1 that’s totally legit, Ghostbusters comics and memorabilia, artwork from local artists such as Gavin Michelli, David Bain, Ken Davis, Courtney Vice and others. I’m also a console gamer.

9. What’s the last album that you listened to from beginning to end?

I usually float from Pandora station to station but probably the latest album from Killswitch Engage.


10. Who is one of the biggest influences on your work? Why?

Pretty much every artist I’ve come across, lol. Yeah, that’s a vague answer, but one I consider my mentor is Jason Reeves. He helped me to see that it’s good to be geek and his work influenced my own.

Super-duper, double bonus question: Where can we find you on the web? Do you have any webpages or social media links you’d like to share?

Shameless plug time: www.redbubble.com/people/lonewolfdesigns and you can also search Facebook for my Lonewolf Designs page. Look for the blue tribal wolf logo or click here.

Well, that’s all of the questions that I have for now.  I want to thank Michael Granger for braving Ten Burning Questions.  In the very near future I’ll be taking on a few other people.

As always, thanks for reading.  Keep an eye on this page for more exciting stuff very soon!