May Update

Lake Charles, LA

2017 has kicked my tail.  I’ve missed every single convention that I hoped to attend so far and will not make it to Southern Geek Fest, either.  Why?  I’ve been really busy with work, family duties (which I’m not complaining about), and life in general.  Money is also tight as well.  With that said, I wanted to give another push for Southern Geek Fest.

SGF has a great lineup this year, and I’m really disappointed that I won’t be making the trip east to hang with my biggest and favorite geek family.  I know that I talk about this group more than most, but they really are that great.  If you can make it to Hattiesburg, MS at the end of this month, do so, you will not regret it.

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The slideshow above is only a small sampling of the wonderful guests that will be present at SGF.  Celebrities from Clerks, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and comic artists will be on hand, as well as authors, pro wrestlers, and much, much more.

In other news, Star Trek Continues recently released their latest episode, Still Treads The Shadow.  If you haven’t seen this episode (or any other episode for that matter), check them out here.  There are only a few episodes remaining, so be sure to experience this brilliant fan-made production of Star Trek.


Photo by Hannah Barucky

Oh, and that image above?  That’s a creation of the super cool Hannah Barucky.  I purchased a print from her awhile ago of Dr. McKennah (portrayed by the lovely Michele Specht).  I hope to one day meet this wonderful lady at a convention in order to thank her personally for her awesome work.  Check out her art, cosplay, and fashion work here.

Well, that’s all I have for now.  2017 has me beaten down a bit, but I’m not out!  Hopefully I will see a few of you in the real world very soon.  As always, thanks for reading!