A Look Back At 2018

“Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot….”

2018 will go down as one of my favorite years.  It included a few firsts, a couple of great returns, and one or two surprises as well.  The year started off with a bang as I got the chance to attend Aro Lucha’s first professional wrestling event in Beaumont, TX.  The show included matches featuring a lineup of legends such as Blue Demon, Jr. and Super Crazy, and fan favorites like Chavo Guerrero, Jr., John Morrison, Taya Valkyrie, and Hurricane Helms.  It also included independent stars and up-and-comers like Thunder Rosa and Sammy Guevara.  All in all, it was a great event and I hope to see more shows such as this one.

The beginning of the year also brought Black Panther to the big screen.  Not only was the film a really fun feature, I got to review the twelve inch Marvel Legends Black Panther figure based on the film.  The movie has definitely left a significant mark in cinema and in American culture, and I look forward to T’Challa’s next solo adventure.


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As the year rolled along, I attended CyPhaCon in Lake Charles, LA.  While it wasn’t my first time to attend the event, it was my first time to attend it as a member of the press.  I got to meet Farscape and Star Trek Continues star Gigi Edgley and got to catch up with a lot of friends that I’d been missing for quite some time.

I also had the opportunity to attend a field trip with my son’s class at NASA Johnson Space Center near Houston, TX.  I got to see a little bit of Star Trek history whenever I got to see the Galileo from the Original Series.  I also got to see a massive Mars exhibit, attempt to re-enter Earth’s atmosphere and land a lunar module in the ocean, play with a Mars Rover, and see all sorts of other wonderful things.


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Towards mid-year, I took my first trip to Austin, TX to visit family.  While there, I visited the University of Texas-Austin, shopped and walked along Congress Avenue, saw the amazing Congress Avenue Bridge bats as they headed out into the night to feast on bugs and other small creatures, and visited a multitude of historical sites and museums.

Just a few weeks later, I took my family to San Antonio, TX for our summer  vacation.  We visited the Alamo, Sea World San Antonio, and ended up making an impromptu return trip to Austin due to a family emergency.  Despite a hectic couple of weeks, we made a lot of great memories during that time.


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I also had the opportunity to attend the Fifth Chapter of Calcasieu Serial Fest, once of my favorite local events in Lake Charles.  The festival celebrated the work of Kirk Alyn, the first live action Superman, and other classic serials from the 1930’s and 40’s.


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With fall just around the corner, I got ready for my return to the Texas Renaissance Festival.  I missed it last year and I planned to enjoy as much of it as I could once I got back.  It’s one of my favorite festivals of the year and this year was no exception.  I finally got to take a photo with the King!  I also got to see Gypsy Dance Theatre, Clan Tynker, and other wonderful shows.


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Just a couple of weeks prior to attending TRF, I returned to one of my favorite cities, Biloxi, MS, for a long overdue visit with all of my Mississippi squad at Gulf Coast Fan Fest.  Some of the highlights of that event included meeting Ming Chen from Comic Book Men, David Naughton from An American Werewolf in London, and one of my favorite cosplayers, Iron Mwar.


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I also assisted with the Lake Charles Film Festival.  Not only did I get to see some excellent independent films and excellent documentaries, but I also got to meet Jay Underwood, best known as the star of The Boy Who Could Fly and the unreleased (but highly accessible on the web) Fantastic Four film produced by Roger Corman back in the 1990’s.


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The year came to a close with an excellent Thanksgiving celebration, a fun Christmas, and the chance to see Aquaman a week prior to everyone else.  I also became a part of the DC Universe (but I can’t quite explain all of that just yet), landed free Aquaman toys to review, and won some really cool prizes as well.


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This year was great.  Sure, there were a few downers that occurred, but they were far outweighed by the positives that happened for me and my family in 2018.  I was greatly blessed this year, and 2019 is going to have to amp things up if it wants a positive review one year from now!

To finish off this post, here are a few of my favorite photos from this year and one new one featuring professional wrestler, Thunder Rosa, who I got to see a second time (and finally get to meet) in 2018 at a Hurricane Pro Wrestling event in Beaumont, TX.  Thanks for reading, and I hope that you have a wonderful 2019!


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Blind Spots Galore: Bird Box Review

Whatever You Do, Don’t Remove Your Blindfold!

On Friday of last week, Netflix released its latest horror/suspense thriller, Bird Box, to mixed reviews.  The Sandra Bullock vehicle tells the story of Malorie (Bullock) and two young children (Julian Edwards and Vivien Lyra Blair) as they attempt to make their way down a river, rapids included, while blindfolded.  What’s with the blindfolds, you ask?  They protect Bullock and other survivors from seeing their worst fears, something that comes to fruition when one sees the mysterious entities that have decided to take over our planet.


While Bullock and the children are making their way down the river in hopes of finding a supposed safe shelter, we get to travel back five years to the beginning of the invasion and then see how Bullock and a small band of survivors remain alive.  We are introduced to Malorie’s sister, Jessica (American Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson) and learn about the strong bond between the pair as they visit a local hospital for a check up on Malorie, who happens to be pregnant.

Bird Box Movie

Sandra Bullock and Sarah Paulson.

When they leave the hospital, the city turns into a chaotic mess, with people intentionally banging their heads into walls, walking into traffic, running over one another, etc. in an apparent mass suicide event.  Malorie manages to survive long enough to be pulled into a safe house owned by Greg (the highly underrated BD Wong).  Once inside the home, Malorie and a small group of survivors form theories as to what is happening based on news reports, rumors, and the knowledge of some of the survivors who happen to be police officers.  They eventually realize that seeing the entities causes one to see their deepest fears, driving them to commit suicide.

Bird Box

BD Wong and John Malkovich.

As time passes, the group begins to run out of food and must figure out a way to survive.  They also encounter newcomers, some of which don’t appear to be affected by the entities at first.  People live. People die.  Ultimately we end up in the boat with Malorie as she attempts to save herself and the two young children.  She does all of this while being blindfolded.  I won’t say anything else because I don’t want to spoil the story.


Danielle Mcdonald, Trevante Rhodes, Jacki Weaver, Sarah Paulson, and Lil Rey Howery.

Despite having a cast that includes Academy Award winner Bullock,  Academy Award Nominee Malkovich, Tony winner Wong, Golden Globe winner Paulson, and NAACP Image Award nominee Trevante Rhodes, the film never manages to drag itself up from its slow-plodding plot.  There are a few holes in the plot as well, such as why the entities can’t seem to get into the house or why certain characters do things that aren’t beneficial to them or anyone else in the film.  It’s not a bad film by a long shot, but it seems to be walking through well-worn territory without adding anything new to the story.


Fans of A Quiet Place and The Happening will recognize the plot quite well.  Although the book that Bird Box is based upon was released many years before A Quiet Place and the film itself was in the final editing stages when A Quiet Place was released, there will definitely be comparisons to that film.  Had Bird Box been released prior to A Quiet Place, it might have been given a more favorable review.  Instead, it will have to deal with the comparisons from here on out.

I do mildly recommend the film.  As I said before, it’s not a bad movie, but it is definitely missing something.  It makes a great rainy day film since the gloominess of the rain will only add to the sensory deprivation.

As always, thank you for reading my post.  I will be reviewing a few other films in the very near future and will most likely start my Throwback Thursday posts back up after the New Year holiday.  Let me know what you think about Bird Box in the comments and feel free to share this post with anybody that might be interested in it.



Dive Into Aquaman!

Amnesty Bay….One Week Early

Last night I attended an exclusive Amazon Prime Member viewing of Aquaman.  I was very excited to see this film already, but the chance to watch it a bit early made me even more anxious to see the film.  I will admit that I was a tad nervous that the film wouldn’t be very good.  I was wrong…..very wrong.


No Spoiler Review Ahead!

The film opened with a brief greeting from director James Wan and film stars Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, and Patrick Wilson thanking Prime members for coming to see the film.  Then the movie began and opened with a quick but concise origin story for Aquaman based around the love of his parents, Tom and Atlanna.  From there, the movie swims into familiar territory for fans of the Aquaman comics, particularly the New 52 Throne of Atlantis story written by Geoff Johns.  There are some big differences that I won’t go into, but the film’s plot follows the comic’s basic story line of Aquaman being hesitant to become the rightful king of Atlantis and his brother, Orm, determined to maintain power over the seas and punish the surface dwellers for their crimes against the oceans.


The movie has a really solid balance of humor, action, and character development.  James Wan is known for his over-the-top action, and he didn’t disappoint with Aquaman.  The fight sequences are fast, often very brutal (particularly those involving Black Manta), and fun to watch.  Wan has no problem injecting laughs into tense moments either.  The humor gives the audience a quick break in a scene but doesn’t distract from the seriousness of the moment.  With that said, the overall tone of the film was much lighter than all of the previous DCEU films.  The pacing was much faster and character development was swift.


After seeing the film, I came to the realization that Wan is probably a better fit for the DCEU than Zack Snyder.  As much as I enjoy the gravity of Snyder’s work, Wan has a much better handle on the comic bookishness of the characters and it comes through in this film.  Wan keeps things fairly light, but does get serious when necessary.


With most of the action taking place underwater, the film was very heavy on CGI.  Industrial Light & Magic did a great job with the computer-generated effects in this film.  For comparison, the CGI wasn’t nearly as obvious as it was in films such as Guardians of the Galaxy or even Thor: Ragnarok.  It was clean, bright, and with a certain group of characters, downright creepy.  Some of the undersea creatures could have been cleaned up a bit more, but overall, I have no complaints about the CGI.


The film’s stars gave solid performances for the most part.  I’ve heard plenty of people criticize Jason Momoa as being unable to lead a film, but they are wrong.  As Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Momoa has a heavy lug with a heart vibe going throughout most of the film but cranks up the regality once he decides that it’s time to become king.  Amber Heard does a fine job as Mera although I do wish that she would have been given a few more vicious moments, as fans of the comic character know just how bad she can really be when necessary.  Patrick Wilson is believable as Orm/Ocean Master, but it would have been cool if he was a bit more bombastic.  Yahya Abdul-Mateen gives the most serious performance in the film as Black Manta.  He was manipulated and used as a tool for Orm’s ultimate goal in this film, but something tells me that we’re not finished with Black Manta just yet.


The supporting cast featured some heavy hitters, literally and figuratively.  Dolph Lundgren was brilliant as Mera’s father, King Nereus, and proved that his acting chops go well beyond uttering lines like, “I will crush you.”  Nicole Kidman has a small but strong role as Queen Atlanna and she has great chemistry with Temuera Morrison who portrays Tom Curry, Aquaman’s father.  Willem Dafoe’s portrayal of Vulko is more loving than I expected, but still very good. Be sure to listen for a very special cameo from Mary Poppins herself, Julie Andrews, during the film as well.


The costumes for major players like Aquaman, Black Manta, Ocean Master, and Mera are extremely loyal to the comic books.  If you’ve ever read an Aquaman story featuring Ocean Master, you know how flamboyant his costumes can be, and this film embraces that in the film’s third act.  I actually heard a chuckle in the audience from an obvious non-comic book reader when Ocean Master puts on his full armor.  Myself and a few others, however, were glad to see the character come to life right off of the printed page.  I won’t post a picture of Ocean Master in all of his glory, but the photo below gives you a little hint of what he’ll look like later in the film.



Overall, this move is excellent fun.  It’s the best DC film since Wonder Woman and in its own way, it’s just as good.  With that being said, there were a few things that I didn’t like about the movie that I’ll briefly mention now.



The film’s score was excellent, make no mistake about that.  Rupert Gregson-Williams’ score flowed well throughout the film.  If you’ve seen Wonder Woman or Hacksaw Ridge, you’re already familiar with his work.  Had his music been the only music to touch our ears in the film, it would have been a flawless wonder.  However, someone thought that throwing in a few pop and rap tracks into the film would be a good thing.  It wasn’t.  While the inclusion of Roy Orbison and Depeche Mode was great, the tunes derail after that.  All of the tracks are forgettable fluff, but the purest poison to my ears in this film was Ocean to Ocean, a wretched cover of Toto’s classic Africa by Pitbull featuring Rhea.  God, who allowed this chum to litter the blue waters of this film?  It’s horrible.  It’s terrible.  It needs to be removed entirely from the film.


Patrick Wilson and Amber Heard seemed to be held back in their performances.  Whether this was due to direction, actor performance, or some other device, this pair seemed to always be wanting to do more with their roles but didn’t.  They weren’t bad at all, but I believe that they could have been better.


Well, there you have it.  That’s my take on the Aquaman film.  It’s loud, funny, full of action, and in the end, proves to us all that Arthur Curry really is deserving of the title of King of Atlantis.  It’s not a perfect film, but it’s positives sink its negatives to the Mariana Trench.  I recommend it and I plan on seeing it again, hopefully in 3-D.

Thanks for reading my post.  I plan on reviewing Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse in the very near future.  See you again real soon!




Web Slinging Into Christmas!

A Happy Meal And A Movie

While Aquaman is the superhero flick getting the most attention this December, there’s another one that’s swooping in on December 14th that’s bound to draw a big crowd as well.  That film is the animated Marvel feature Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse.  The film will focus on the Mile Morales version of Spidey as he learns how to be the next Spider-Man in his world under the tutelage of Peter B. Parker, a Spider-Man from another universe that arrives in Morales’ world along with many, many more versions of Spidey.


I plan on seeing this film in the very near future with my son.  I hope that it breaks the chain of Marvel’s consistently dull and/or outright terrible animated features.  The trailer has me hopeful, though, and after seeing some of the voices that will bring this film to life, I’m a bit shocked that this film hasn’t received as much attention as other Marvel films in recent years.


With so many Spider peeps running around, you have to have a large voice cast to handle each unique version of the character.  Some of the voices that will appear as a version of Spider-Man include John Mulaney, Chris Pine, Nicolas Cage, Jake Johnson, Hailee Steinfeld, Kimiko Glenn, and Oscar Isaac.  I’ll let you watch the film and figure out which voice fits which Spider-man.


Also included in the stellar cast are Shameik Moore as Miles Morales, Lily Thomlin as Aunt May, Bryan Tyree Henry as Jefferson Davis-Morales, Luna Lauren Velez as Rio Morales, Kathryn Hahn as Olivia Octavius, Liev Schreiber as Kingpin, Zoe Kravitz as Mary Jane, and a ton of other spectacular actors.


I’ve heard some criticism of the film’s animation style and I have to admit that I was a bit turned off by it myself.  I applaud Marvel for trying something different with the animation, but I hope that they focused on the story even more than the look of the film.


Of course, no animated December release would be complete without a few tie-ins.  One of the best tie-ins in my opinion are the McDonald’s Happy Meals featuring Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse toys.  These toys are bloated little action figures of Spider-Man that come with two sets of stickers to give each Spidey his own look.  You can even use different eyes and facial features to customize your Spider-Man.  Each figure also appears to come with either an action feature such as shooting a web or an accessory.

I picked up the Miles Morales/Spider-Man figure (#2 in the series) and he features a shooting web.  I plan on getting at least a couple more of these figures.  I’m hoping to bag the Spider-Man Noir figure as he is my favorite version of Spider-Man that isn’t the traditional Peter Parker version.

Here are a few photos of my Spidey:


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I plan on seeing this film over the holidays.  I will be seeing Aquaman this weekend in a special Amazon Prime Preview.  Look for reviews for both films in the very near future!

As always, thanks for reading.  See you again real soon!

Ready To Dive Into The Aquaman Film!

Somewhere Off The Coast Of Amnesty Bay

First and foremost, I’m sorry that I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks.  I’ve been pretty busy with work lately and haven’t had the time nor the energy to post as of late.  With that being said, I have some great news! Although DC’s Aquaman film isn’t officially hitting theaters in the United States of America until December 21, Amazon and Atom have teamed up to allow Amazon Prime members a chance to see the film on Saturday, December 15 in select locations!  I live near one of those locations and will be taking my daughter with me to see the film this Saturday!


I’m really excited to get a sneak peek at this film before general audiences and can’t wait to see the movie!  I’ll write up a spoiler free review of the film on the Sunday after I watch the movie (or maybe on Saturday night whenever I get home if it’s really great and I’m not too tired).  I’m really hoping that this film is good.  DC and Warner Bros. get trashed so much by fans and the media for their films and I really want them to turn things around with this film.


While I’m excited to see Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) on the screen again, I’m even more excited to see Mera (Amber Heard) get fleshed out a bit more and the debut of the live action Ocean Master, Orm (Patrick Wilson).  It’s going to be cool to see Dolph Lundgren and Willem Dafoe back on the screen as King Nereus and Vulko, respectively as well.  What I’m most hyped for is the arrival of Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), who happens to be one of my favorite DC villains.  I hope that he is portrayed as viciously as he is on the printed page.  If so, this movie is going to be epic!


Momoa did a fine job in the Justice League film and in his brief cameo in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Hopefully he continues to give Aquaman new life on the screen.  He seems like a really nice guy in real life, so maybe some of that will come through in the film via Arthur Curry.


Like I said, I’ll have a spoiler free review as soon as possible either late on Saturday or early on Sunday morning.  Keep your eyes open for my post!  Thanks for reading my post.  I’ll post again very soon!

DC Universe: Titans

Entering The DC Universe

The doors to the DC Universe streaming service have been opened wide since September of this year.  While I haven’t heard very much about the public’s reception of the service itself (I’ll actually be taking a more in depth look at the service in a later post), I have heard a few people talk about one of their current original programs:  Titans.


When set photos were leaked, fans cried foul over the looks of Beast Boy, Raven, and particularly Starfire.  Robin’s official photo was better received, but fans weren’t too excited about his utterance of “F*$! Batman” in the teaser.  As is often the case, the finished product looks much better than leaked set photos and teasers make them appear.  In fact, Starfire is one of the best things about the first season of Titans so far and there’s a perfectly good reason why Robin said what he said. Lets take a look at what has been good and what has been bad as we await the release of the ninth episode later this week.


A few mild spoilers ahead, but nothing that will ruin the show for you.

The first season of Titans has primarily focused on three of our beloved heroes trying to find their purpose in life and how they, along with Beast Boy, have to face off against a growing danger that appears to be intent on capturing Raven.  Robin is trying to separate himself from Batman, his Robin persona, and being the hero in general.  He’s determined to make his own path as a detective in Detroit and he seems to be doing a pretty good job of it until he runs into Rachel Roth (Raven), a young girl who is having an identity crisis of her own.  She’s talking to a demon in the mirrors and there are a bunch of big bads after her that want to harness her powers that she’s still learning to use.  Poor Starfire has the biggest identity crisis of them all.  She can’t remember who are what she is at all.  She does her best throughout the series to trigger old memories and along the way she learns that she has some extremely amazing powers.  Beast Boy is the final member of the group that is introduced, but his head is on a bit straighter than everyone else as he was fortunate enough to befriend another group that I’ll get into later.


The series is definitely much darker than any other televised version of the Teen Titans.  The series features brutal fight scenes, some to the death, and some pretty strong language as well.  There have been a few adult oriented love scenes, but nothing that would make you want to cover your eyes….yet.  There are also plenty of actions taken by the characters that I know will have comic fans screaming, but once they see the series play out, I’m sure that they’ll begin to enjoy the series as a whole.


Unlike Man of Steel, Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and, to a lesser degree, Wonder Woman, DC’s Titans has quite a bit of humor laced throughout the show.  Much of the humor comes through Beast Boy, but Starfire has quite a few funny moments as well.  Robin and Rachel also draw a few laughs, but they are definitely the more serious characters of the group.

Spoilers begin here!


Fans were already aware that some of DC’s lesser known heroes would be introduced in the Titans series.  Eight of them have been featured prominently so far.  Hawk and Dove were introduced in the second episode and, true to the comics, they represented brute strength and anger (Hawk) and a more understanding heart that will cut you if necessary (Dove).  Portrayed by Alan Ritchson (Hawk) and Minka Kelly (Dove), this dynamic duo has a history with Batman and Robin in the series, and it’s not necessarily a solid relationship.


Another hero introduced in the series is Donna Troy, also known as Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman’s sometimes sidekick, who helps Robin out after a major event occurs in the series.  While I never remember her being referred to specifically as Wonder Girl, she definitely shows off some of her powers.  Donna is portrayed by Conor Leslie in the series.

Titans -- Ep. 106

Titans — Ep. 106 — Photo Credit: Christos Kalohoridis / 2018 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The fourth hero to pop up on the show is none other than Jason Todd, the second Robin.  He shows up in the fifth and sixth episodes of the season and proves to be both a help and a hindrance to Dick Grayson, the first Robin.  The character is portrayed with reckless abandon by Curran Walters.  Dick sees hints of himself in the new Robin, but he also sees a darkness that he fears might take him over as well.  Jason Todd is both hilarious and brutal all at the same time.  He’s quite possibly the most violent hero in the show and he has plenty of competition, especially from Hawk.  I love this version of Jason and I hope to see him show up again in the series.


Four other heroes introduced and given some depth in the series are the members of Doom Patrol.  They are initially shown as Beast Boy’s adopted family.  They, like him, have special abilities that make them stand out from the crowd.  The group features Rita Farr/Elasti-Woman, portrayed by April Bowlby, who can manipulate the size and shape of her body with varying degrees of success.  It also features Larry Trainor/Negative Man, portrayed by Dwain Murphy and voiced by Matt Bomer.  While Negative Man’s powers are never truly revealed on the show, the comics have always shown him to have the ability to project a Negative Man being from his body that can fly and has super strength, but can only do so for no longer than one minute.  Robotman/Cliff Steele is the final team member of the Doom Patrol that is introduced in the series.  Portrayed by Jake Michaels, we don’t get to see him use his powers, but he’s a wonderful character.  The team is guided by the Chief/Niles Caulder.  Dr. Caulder (Bruno Bichir) put the group together as a ragtag band of misfits that he helped learn to control their powers.  Beast Boy seeks the Chief’s help with Raven.

Titans  Ep 102

Titans Ep. 102–Photo Credit: Steve Wilkie / ©2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

Of course, a team of heroes is only as good as their villains, right?  Titans has some great villains that definitely up the ante for Robin, Starfire, Raven, and Beast Boy.  There’s an unseen villain that has sent out assailants to capture Raven over the course of the series, but none of them have been as excellent as the Nuclear Family.  While their look, origin, and purpose differ from the comics, this Nuclear Family is awesome.  They are one of the most sadistic groups of villains that I’ve seen on television so far.  Their sugary sweet wholesomeness is just a cover for four of the most lethal warriors you’ll ever meet.  Dad (Jeff Clarke), Mom (Melody Johnson), Bif (Logan Thompson), and Sis (Jeni Ross) are devilishly brilliant in this series and are my favorite villains so far.


The series features some great acting performances, particularly from the Nuclear Family and Brenton Thwaites as Robin.  Ryan Potter injects some much needed humor throughout the series as Beast Boy, but he shows other emotions as well.  Anna Diop’s Kory Anders/Starfire takes on a motherly role with Raven when necessary, but she struggles with her own problems as well.  I believe that Diop will eventually become the breakout star of the show.  Teagan Croft’s portrayal of Raven is adequate, but she’s the weakest member of the team as far as acting is concerned.

Titans Ep. 102

The guest stars have all done very good jobs, especially Alan Ritchson and Minka Kelly.  Ritchson channels a bit of Ben Affleck’s grizzled Batman at times, but it fits the character well.  Minka Kelly comes across as very loving and quiet, but her character doesn’t hesitate to take up arms when the situation calls for it.


The show’s music is also very good.  From the original music for the series to the playing of classics such as Sunshine Day by the Brady Kids, this series knows exactly when and where to play just the right song.  Some are played for laughs and others build the intensity of the moment.

Titans CR: DC

But is it all wine and roses?  Absolutely not.  The CGI is bad at times and its flaws are especially evident when Beast Boy turns into a tiger.  Thankfully the story is strong enough that I can easily look beyond the bad CGI, but if certain characters are going to be making an appearance in future episodes (one has been heavily hinted at both in the show and in rumors), the CGI will definitely need to crank things up a notch.


Some of the ways that conflicts are resolved are a little bit too “well, ain’t you lucky” for my tastes, but I understand that this sort of thing happens in every series with and without superheroes.  I also don’t like how easily certain character deaths are blown off or forgotten about by our heroes.


With all of that being said, I’ve only scratched the surface of just how cool this series is and how it hints at greater things to come for both the show and for DC Universe.  I haven’t mentioned all of the villains nor have I given away any of the Easter eggs that the show drops throughout each episode.  The producers, writers, and directors have really put their hearts into this series and it shows.  Don’t let the naysayers draw you away from this series.

Eventually I plan on breaking down each episode but I want to give my readers a little more time to watch the series before doing that.  This show is one of the best live action DC series so far, and with Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and other original shows waiting in the wings, DC will have me as a subscriber for a long time.

Thanks for reading my post.  I plan on looking at the DC Universe streaming service as a whole in the near future.  I also plan on taking a closer look at their other original series, DC Daily, as well.  Keep your eyes peeled for more DC Universe posts!


The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year: A Visit To The Texas Renaissance Festival!

Way Back When

I always purchase at least two tickets to the Texas Renaissance Festival every year during their spring sale.  Last year, unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit TRF.  This year, my daughter and I decided to make a spontaneous trip to the festival (with two tickets in tow).  We arrived about thirty minutes later than we wanted to due to traffic, but that didn’t stop me from getting my first photo with the king!


Despite going to the festival for ten years now, this was the first time that I ever took a photo with His or Her Majesty.  Next year I hope to get a photo with the Queen!


The first show that we watched was The Great Rondini!  This was our first time to watch his performance and we’re glad that we did.  Rondini is a superb magician and an excellent escape artist.  After seeing him, we visited the Magic Garden where we ran into some fairies, a dancing class, and a topless girl from Texas!


She’s topless!!!

After the garden, we headed to the Agora to watch Cirque Mythos and the Gypsy Dance Theatre.  This was also the first time for my daughter and I to watch both of these groups, mainly because we spend so much time watching other shows.  This year we decided to visit shows that we hadn’t seen before and we’re glad we caught both of these acts at the Agora!


As the day continued, we visited a few of the shops and ate and drank plenty of delicious things.  I ended up purchasing two of the Gypsy Dance Theatre CDs and an adult beverage.  My daughter got a Henna tattoo and some jewelry.


We also watched the Birds of Prey show (a first for me) and two of our favorite shows:  The Fire Whip Show and Clan Tynker!  All three of these performances were brilliant.  As the years have passed, watching Adam Crack amaze audiences with his multiple whips has never grown old.  Each year he continues to wow me, my daughter, and the crowds.


If I haven’t seen Clan Tynker perform, I haven’t been to TRF as far as I’m concerned.  They were the first act that I ever saw at TRF and I’ve watched them every year ever since.  They are family friendly and extremely fun to watch.  This year I took a selfie with Santiago.  If you ever go to TRF, I highly recommend checking out Clan Tynker!


One other new thing for us to experience was the Museum of Cruelty.  It featured many devices of torture from the Dark Ages and even a few more “civil” torture devices such as the Guillotine and the Pillory.


I walked around the festival grounds with a massive grin on my face.  It felt so good to be back “home” after having missed last year.  Sooner or later I plan to camp at the festival to get the complete faire experience.

Here are a few other photos from our trip to TRF.


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As always, thanks for reading my post.  You might have noticed that I didn’t post anything for last week’s Throwback Thursday, and that’s because I was rather busy over the last week.


Expect posts covering DC Universe’s Titans real soon as well as other DC Universe offerings.  I’m also going to throw in a few Christmas themed posts as well as we near that wonderful holiday.