Panel Announcement!

Lafayette, LA

Earlier this week Louisiana Comic Con released their panel schedule for their event coming up on March 14th and 15th. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I was approved to present my panel, Bela Lugosi: The Universal Count, at the event. At the time, I was given a tentative date and time for my panel. I’m happy to say the now it is official. My panel will be presented in Panel Room 2 at 12:45 on Saturday, March 14th! Here’s the complete panel list for the weekend:

I hope that I will be seeing you at Louisiana Comic Con in a couple of weeks. They have some great guests scheduled to attend including the voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, Mick Foley, Kevin Sorbo, and Brina Palencia! I’m excited for this event and I can’t wait for it to get here!

Thanks for reading!

Hurricane Pro: Unleashed

Ford Park Exhibit Hall, Beaumont, TX

Hurricane Pro’s latest event, Unleashed, went down on Saturday, February 22nd. It featured seven solid matches and one of the biggest crowds that I’ve witnessed at an HP show.

Things started off quickly with the first of three title defense matches. Reigning Cruiserweight Champion, Bu Ku Dao, successfully defended his belt against the more-than-capable Barrett Brown. In fact, Brown dominated the match early and never really lost momentum until late in the match. I have a feeling that he’ll be back at HP soon enough.

Next up was Tama Ku in a handicap match. Ku is undefeated so far and has won all of his matches in dominating style. Saturday night was no different, as challengers Bobby Black and Jet Danger generated almost no offense against Tama Ku. With directions from his valet, Stacey Rae, Ku easily defeated Black and Danger (who apparently go by the collective name of JetBlack). Hopefully they’ll return to HP in a more even match. For now, it looks as if no one can stop Tama Ku.

Edgrin Stone and Justing “Bulldog” Walker faced off next, with Stone constantly taunting Walker for being an old man. Walker held his own at first, but a miscue involving his dog chain cost him the match.

Following Stone and Walker were Fortune 5K and the Pump Patrol. Fortune 5K were in town hoping to steal away the Tag Team Championship from the Pump Patrol, but Jared Wayne and Curt Matthews were more than ready to defend their belts against Reginald Gates and Nathan Bradley. The match was uneven from the start, as the Pump Patrol took control early on and despite one sequence in which Fortune 5K cornered and abused Jared Wayne for an extended amount of time. There was also a lot of humor in this match, especially when Gates and Bradley attempted to mimic some of the Pump Patrol’s signature moves.

Heather Monroe and Gino Medina squared off in an intergender match next. Gino immediately drew heel heat from everyone. I even loudly blurted out “Gino, you suck!” and he singled me out in the crowd. We had a brief but funny face-off but he eventually headed into the ring. When Heather entered the arena, the crowd popped hard for her. As the match ensued, Gino endured numerous “Gino Sucks” chants (some of which may have been started by yours truly), and attempted to get Heather’s personal photographer to take some bad photos of her. He also tried to steal kisses from her but failed miserably. In the end, Heather came out as the victor and Gino had to go to the back and ice down his tenders.

The next match of the evening was intended to put an end to the feud between Great Sexy Love (The Great Ones, Sexy Steve DeMarco, and Loverboy Nate Andrews) and the New Warriors (Make Your Own Path, Jordan Jensen, and Don Rodrigo). Instead, the match only fueled the hatred between them even more. The stable match was chaotic from the opening bell and Hurricane Pro referee supreme, Radio, had a hard time of settling down the competitors. Jordan Jensen eventually penned Steve DeMarco for the win, but this feud is far from over in my opinion.

The final match of the evening saw reigning Hurricane Pro Heavyweight Champion, Ruthless Ryan Davidson, defend his title against Super Tex Brent McKenzie. McKenzie appeared to be nervous at the beginning of the match, but he quickly began breaking Davidson down. After a number of massive power moves by both men, Davidson finally penned Super Tex for the win and his first successful HP title defense.

Here’s a summary of the night’s matches:

Bu Ku Dao (C) defeated Barrett Brown in a Cruiserweight Title Match.

Tama Ku defeated JetBlack (Bobby Black and Jet Danger) in a Handicap Match.

Edgrin Stone defeated Justin “Bulldog” Walker.

The Pump Patrol (C) defeated Fortune 5K in a Tag Team Title Match.

Heather Monroe defeated Gino Medina in an Intergender Match.

The New Warriors defeated Great Sexy Love in a Stable Match.

Ruthless Ryan Davidson (C) defeated Super Tex Brent McKenzie in a Heavyweight Title Match.

The next event will take place in May. The exact date was announced, but I didn’t take note of it. Once Hurricane Pro announces the date on their Facebook page, I’ll be sure to let everyone know here.

As always, thanks for reading my post. I’ll be posting again real soon!

See You At CyPhaCon!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

I’ve got some more great news for my readers! Ken’s Alternate Universe will be attending CyPhaCon in Lake Charles, LA! I was recently approved for a media pass and will be updating all of you throughout the event. I’ve put in a request to do one panel and may toss in one or two more for good measure. If my panel is approved, I’ll let you know here and on social media.

CyPhaCon will take place April 3rd-5th and will feature guests like Doug Jones, Cristina Vee, and cosplayer Sarah Kathrine! There will also be a ton of vendors, artists such as the Suzaku 7, and even Wild Bill’s Soda!

Cosplayer Sarah Kathrine. Photo by Corey Motley.

Other guests will include Tim Russ, who most famously portrayed Tuvok on Star Trek: Voyager, Eric Vale, Sarah Wiedenheft, and Space Lion Cosplay, many more! There will be plenty of panels to choose from, e-gaming, tabletop gaming, and all sorts of other wonderful things.

Be sure to check out CyPhaCon’s website and their Facebook page for updates and more information. They have one more science fiction guest to announce this week, so be on the lookout for that as well.

Space Lion Cosplay. Photo by AnimazeGuy-photosNXS.

Thanks for reading my post. If you’re attending CyPhaCon this year, let me know in the comments section. I plan on tweeting regularly throughout the duration of the convention, so follow me on Twitter (@dscntdarkknight) for live updates from the event! Who knows, a certain discounted hero might show up and he’ll need a few selfies with cool people to tweet into the universe!

I hope to see you there!

Roaring Into Theaters One More Time!

Atop The Empire State Building

Fathom Events and Turner Classic Movies are bringing the 1933 original King Kong back to the big screen! The film, originally released by RKO Radio Pictures, featured groundbreaking stop-motion effects by Willis O’Brien, a pioneer in special effects that would become a major influence on many special effects artists that followed him.

The film starred Fay Wray as Ann Darrow, the breakout role that would lead to her becoming a major film star. It also starred Robert Armstrong, Bruce Cabot, and Frank Reicher. Music was done by Max Steiner, best known for his work on Gone With The Wind.

The film will be shown on Sunday, March 15th, in select theaters across the country. Go to the Fathom Events page for more details and to see if any locations will be showing the film in your area.

TCM will also be providing additional information about the film during the showings on March 15th.

If you’ve never witnessed this film and appreciate cinematic history, I highly recommend checking out King Kong in theaters. It is an important film on so many levels that I can’t even begin to list them all here. I’ll be in the theater on Sunday, March 15th. Will you? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for checking out my latest post.

LEGO DC Minifigs

Series 16

I’m not a huge collector of LEGO products. My son is completely infatuated with them, though, and I enjoy watching and/or helping him build his many sets. I do enjoy looking at many of the minifigures that come with the sets and those that can be purchased individually. One minifigure collection that caught my eye in recent weeks is the LEGO DC Comics Series 16 Minifigures.

Released earlier this year, the set includes versions of the DC Holy Trinity (Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman), popular heroes, and a few lesser known individuals that don’t necessarily register with general audiences that only know DC from its films and animated ventures.

It was great to see characters such as Metamorpho (pictured above), Mister Miracle, Bat-Mite, Jay Garrick’s Flash, and Sinestro in his classic suit. I also enjoyed seeing the 1941 version of Wonder Woman, the Simon Baz Green Lantern, Huntress, and Cyborg. The only letdown in my opinion is the inclusion of the wretched 1990’s version of Aquaman with his harpoon hand.

The real treat in this set is the 1939 version of Batman. Featuring his original purple gloves (which were apparently due to a printing mistake), simplified bat logo, and those brilliantly flared ears, the minifigure comes with two batarangs and a grappling cable. The figure instantly reminded me of the classic live action versions of the character from his two serials released in 1943, starring Lewis Wilson, the first live action Batman, and 1949, starring Robert Lowery.

Lewis Wilson as Batman (1943).
Robert Lowery as Batman and Johnny Duncan as Robin in 1949’s “Batman and Robin.”

I have to admit that I am biased about the Batman minifigure. Even my casual readers know just how much I love the character. To see a LEGO version of the classic Batman just made me smile. Hopefully I’ll be able to snag one without having to buy ten blind bags full of my least favorite version of Aquaman!

That’s all for now, folks. I plan on seeing Birds of Prey in the very near future and will post a review of it despite its ho-hum opening weekend. I never follow trends when it comes to movies, so I’m going to see the film before writing it off as a bomb.

Thanks for reading!

See You At Louisiana Comic Con!

Big News!

I was going to wait until this afternoon to make an official announcement, but I’m too excited to keep the good news under wraps. Last night I received confirmation that my panel, Bela Lugosi: The Universal Count, was approved for Louisiana Comic Con in Lafayette, LA!

I sent my reply last night and as of right now, my panel is confirmed for Saturday, March 14th, at 12:45-1:30 PM. This isn’t necessarily set in stone, though, as all conventions have schedule changes, so please watch the convention’s Facebook page and webpage for any updates or changes. I’ll post any changes to the schedule as well.

Join me for a glimpse into the life of the man that became the standard for all vampires that followed him. Learn about his struggles with drug addiction and being typecast in horror films. Discover some of the other characters that he portrayed and find out how the success of Dracula breathed new life into Universal Studios.

Oh, and if Dracula isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other reasons to attend Louisiana Comic Con. From Kevin Conroy (Batman from Batman: The Animated Series) to Mick Foley (WWE’s Mankind), there’s something for everyone at Louisiana Comic this year!

I hope that you join me for Louisiana Comic Con and for Bela Lugosi: The Universal Count. Let me know in the comments if you’ll be attending and, as always, thanks for reading my post!

They’re Both Wrong (Super Bowl Stuff)!

Miami Gardens, FL

I rarely mention professional sports such as football, baseball, hockey, and basketball in my blog. They really don’t have a lot to do with what this blog is all about so their exclusion makes perfect sense. I have covered these events on at least one occasion that I can remember, though, but that was primarily because of the halftime show. This post will focus on the halftime show as well, but not in a way that I normally cover such things.

I’m also going to rock the boat a bit, which is something that I always try to avoid.

Before I go on my little rant, the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV. They defeated the San Francisco 49ers in a fourth quarter comeback. The final score was 31-20. The game itself, what parts I saw of it, was pretty interesting, but I really didn’t care who won. I tuned in just before halftime and then watched the third and most of the fourth quarter.

But here’s the thing: Apparently a lot of people were offended by the halftime show.

Headlined by Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, the actual halftime show wasn’t that great. It wasn’t boring, mind you, as both Shakira and Jennifer Lopez did what they do best on a grand scale. It just wasn’t anything that we haven’t seen before on any stage no matter the size.

Of the two ladies that performed, Shakira definitely appeared to be both the most seasoned and most prepared performer. She danced, wiggled, sang, and commanded the crowd quite well. Lopez, who I remember from her days as a Fly Girl on In Living Color, couldn’t keep up with the energy that Shakira brought to the show. I’ve never really understood the appeal of Lopez as a musical artist, and I honestly didn’t see the necessity of her as part of the show. She definitely has a large fanbase, though, so I can’t fault the NFL for capitalizing on her popularity.

For those of you waiting for me to get to my rant, here it is.

After the halftime show concluded, I hopped onto social media as any good nerd would do after such an event. There were immediately two things that I noticed trending on the web. One, apparently a lot of people were offended by Shakira and Lopez’ attire and their gyration-filled performance that included a stripper pole, a Puerto Rico flag that appeared opposite of a USA flag, Spanish being spoken in songs, and kids in what appeared to be cages to some viewers. Secondly, many people believed that this was one of the best halftime shows in history.

Both groups have me a tad confused.

For starters, not one single thing that either of these ladies did on the stage was a surprise. If you’ve ever watched a music video or performance by either of these ladies, you’d be well aware that they both wear clothing that shows off their assets. Plus, none of the dance moves that they pulled off were that provocative when compared to the moves pulled off by young girls on the popular Dance Moms “reality” show and other shows like it. Plus, if you’ve ever had a child in dance at any stage in their life (My daughter has been in dance for sixteen years now), you’ve seen young ladies do moves that were much more suggestive than anything that either Shakira or Jennifer Lopez did during the halftime performance.

Why complain about them now?

That Puerto Rican flag offended you? Why? Jennifer Lopez might be a New Yorker, but her roots are Puerto Rican. Plus, here’s a newsflash guys: Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory. It’s part of our country! There’s nothing anti-American about that flag at all! Let it be known that if I ever make it to the halftime show of any Super Bowl, I plan on proudly waving my Acadiana flag and a French flag because they are part of my roots and my culture. I’m Cajun French, among other things, and I have every right to be proud about my heritage. Why can’t Jennifer Lopez celebrate her own heritage?

As far as the kids in cages controversy goes, I didn’t even pick up on that. I believe that people saw what they wanted to see, as you can make pretty much any situation good or bad.

Oh, and folks, please remember that there are some people in this country that do speak Spanish. There are also folks here that speak French, German, Mandarin, Italian, and tons of other languages. Why complain about the Spanish language now???

For those folks that believe that this was one of the best halftime shows ever, where have you been over the last twenty or so years???? People complained for many years that the NFL used too many classic rock bands for the halftime performances, stating that they were boring. In order to fix this, the NFL started adding different acts to the program. In recent memory, I can say that Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Prince all had performances that easily blew the Shakira/Lopez performance out of the water. As far as the classic rock shows go, Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, and Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers all gave excellent performances that outshined the 2020 offering. Petty’s performance was even nominated for an Emmy.

To top it all off, Shakira injected a little Kashmir by Led Zeppelin into her performance and sampled I Like It Like That by Pete Rodriguez. Born In The USA by Bruce Springsteen was also tossed in for good measure when Shakira and Lopez took the stage together. That’s two classic rock songs and one classic boogaloo track in a modern music performance. Apparently classic rock and pop aren’t too boring for today’s music scene!

While there were definitely some cool moments in the show and it wasn’t bad, it does not, at least in my humble opinion, rank as one of the best halftime performances in history. It was good, but not great.

People need to quit looking for controversy and scandal in everything that they watch. If things upset you that much, don’t watch them. Shakira and Jennifer Lopez did a good job of entertaining the crowd and didn’t stir up anything at all. If you were bothered by the performance, you could have turned it off. We all know that in today’s world, ratings are more important than ever, so boycott whatever it is you want to boycott and leave the rest of the people that enjoy things that you dislike alone.

Rant over. I promise not to do this very often. Thanks for reading my post.