The Loyal Subjects BST AXN KISS “The Starchild”

“I’m the King of the Night Time world!”

After dragging their feet for what seemed like a lifetime, Walmart finally started putting The Loyal Subjects BST AXN The Starchild figures on the shelves in my region. Why do I say my “region?” Because I had to drive three and a half hours from my home in order to find a Paul “Starchild” Stanley action figure on the shelf. To this day I still haven’t seen a Peter “Catman” Criss figure yet, but I’m hoping that one will eventually pop up in my area. It’s been over a year since my last BST AXN KISS figure review (Ace in September of 2021) and there was only a two month difference between that figure and the first KISS figure released (I reviewed Gene in July of 2021), so waiting for Paul to show up has really tested my patience.

So was the figure worth the wait? Yes and no. The sculpt is amazing and is probably the best looking of the three figures that I’ve managed to acquire. The figure’s look is based upon Paul’s 1976 Destroyer tour costume. Sticklers will notice that his boots are silver-tipped, which makes them the second pair of boots that he wore on the tour. The originals were from the previous tour and painted completely black. The costume also features what appears to be either a black feather boa or collar and two wrist pieces of similar texture. I was an infant for the Destroyer tour, so I’m not one hundred percent sure if Paul ever wore anything like this but in all of the photos I’ve seen, he doesn’t wear either the boa or the feathered wrist pieces. Sure, he has worn jackets and armbands with feathers off and on in different tours (and even had a long jacket for the Destroyer tour with feathers), but nothing like this costume suggests.

The figure comes with a BST AXN sticker, two extra pairs of hands (for a total of three pairs), a mic stand, and two of Paul’s guitars. The first guitar is the beautiful Ibanez PS10, the guitar that would be morphed over the years into numerous looks, my favorite being the PS1CM (Cracked Mirror). The second guitar is Paul’s modified Gibson Flying V. Both guitars, it should be noted, feature the correct strap (something The Loyal Subjects missed on Ace’s guitars). The mic stand is the same one offered with Gene and Ace and it appears to be to short for all of them.

The box boasts of thirty-one points of articulation but I can’t find them all. This figure is closer in accuracy to the twenty-two POA mentioned on the Ace and Gene figures. Paul’s head is severely limited due to his mass of hair. His shoulders don’t move at all which is ridiculous in my opinion. He does have swivel biceps, three POA at each elbow, upper and lower torso joints, wrist joints, hip and thigh joints, and foot and knee joints. The lack of movement at the shoulders and limited head swivel makes Paul difficult to put in anything more than basic poses. It also makes his guitar awkward looking in his hands.

The likeness is okay and both of the photos on the box are actually from the Destroyer tour. I also like the fact that Paul’s necklace is free floating on his hairy chest, so you can shift it around for poses. The interior of the box can be removed to make a cool diorama for the figure as well. I’ll most likely keep this figure boxed up like the other figures in this line, as they just don’t have the poseability that I want to display them.

Thanks for checking out my review. If and when I get my claws on a Peter Criss figure, I’ll be sure to review him as well. All three of the figures look great in their boxes and that’s most likely where they will stay. The Loyal Subjects know how to do packaging. I just with that these figures had better articulation.

See you again real soon!


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