McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse: Endless Winter Build-A-Figure Collection

“There is only frozen death for you!”

DC Comics’ December 2020 tale about the Frost King comes to life in the recent McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Endless Winter Build-A-Figure line. The full line consists of five seven inch figures and one Build-A-Figure figure of the Frost King. The lineup is composed of Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Black Adam, Batman, and Aquaman. Only four of the seven inch figures in the line come with pieces used to assemble the Frost King. Aquaman is the odd man out in the line. Each figure comes with accessories, a DC figure base with a peg, and a collector card. For this review I will only be focusing on the four figures that come with pieces to build the Frost King and the fully constructed Frost King figure. I’ll review Aquaman in a later review.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman looks amazing in this line. She features amazing details, especially in her cloak. She has a long braid that falls across her left shoulder. Her armor has excellent detailing and the paint apps are nice albeit a bit basic. Her lasso of truth is also here, but as a molded piece of her skirt and it is not removable. She comes with a sword and a sheath that the sword can be placed in if you so choose. She also comes with the torso of the Frost King BAF. Unfortunately for this figure, the amazing attention to detail by McFarlane hinders the articulation of this figure. Wonder Woman is very limited by her cloak and armor. That being said, she looks amazing on display.

Green Lantern

Arguably the most posable figure in this review, the John Stewart version of the Green Lantern is also the leanest and meanest designed of the bunch. He’s also oddly light and feels a bit cheaply made. The black and green paint apps on the suit look excellent and the overall details in the figure are very good. He’s only slightly limited at his shoulders as far as articulation goes. My specific figure that I purchased features some slightly loose leg joints at the knee and hip. Green Lantern comes with two green sword constructs and the head and cloak of the Frost King. He doesn’t come with a flight stand which is a bit disappointing. He also has a peg in the center of his shoulder blades that doesn’t seem to serve any purpose whatsoever. Despite these flaws, he looks great on my shelf.

Black Adam

Like Green Lantern, Black Adam is a fairly simple figure that isn’t hindered by armor, cloaks, or coats. This allows for excellent posing options. He’s also a much more sturdy figure when compared to Green Lantern as well. He has a decent amount of weight to him and may be a bit too clunky for some collectors but I like him just fine. His paint apps are great, especially on his boots and on the massive lightning bolt on his chest. He comes with two lightning “attachments,” and the Frost King’s legs.


The figure that proves to be the biggest disappointment in this line is Batman. Don’t get me wrong, he looks excellent, but he is severely hindered when it comes to posing. The figure features a great looking long coat, goggles, and utility belt that have plenty of detail and amazing paint apps. Sadly these are the same things that make Batman almost entirely immobile save for his arms. He comes with a comic accurate Batarang that doesn’t fit in his hands and the arms and sword of the Frost King BAF. Again, as with every other figure in this line, he looks great on display.

Frost King

The Frost King Build-A-Figure was a pain to put together. Standing about nine inches tall from his toe to the tip of his horns, ol’ Frosty features a TON of ice spikes on his pauldrons, and plenty of other pokey parts that can literally hurt you while attempting to put this bad boy together. His legs were particularly difficult to snap into place but his arms were downright painful. I almost cut myself (for real) trying to get his left arm in place. His lone accessory is the broadsword that comes with the Batman figure. I do have to admit that he looks great once he’s all in one piece, but just be aware that like other figures in this line, his armor and cloak hinder his posing.

I like all of the figures in this line despite some of their flaws. All of them look great on my shelf. If I had to choose a favorite based on its overall appeal, I’d have to go with Black Adam. Despite being a simple figure, he looks amazing. Wonder Woman comes in a close second. She’d be tops but her paint apps are just too bland. Batman looks good but couldn’t move to save his own life. Green Lantern looks amazing but feels really cheap. Do I recommend getting these figures? Only if you really want to build Frost King or happen to be a fan of a particular character in this line.

Thanks for checking out this post. I’ll review Aquaman (and a surprise figure) later this week. I have a few other surprises up my sleeve as well. Stay tuned!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Martian Manhunter (2022)

“The future is worth the fight.”

J’onn J’onzz may use too many apostrophes in his name but no one can deny that he’s one of the coolest superheroes that DC has ever dreamed up, Martian Manhunter! Using his DC Rebirth likeness as the basis for their figure, McFarlane Toys knocks another one out of the park! The figure was released in 2022 and yours truly just so happened to get his hands on one recently.

The figure features some great paint apps. The purples and greens contrast one another to perfection. The deep reds used for Martian Manhunter’s eyes look amazing. The purple and black on his soft rubber cape also looks wonderful. Heck, event the trim on suit looks great! This is one of the best looking figures that McFarlane has put out in a long time in my opinion.

The figure is very limited on accessories, unfortunately. In fact, he doesn’t come with any accessories unless you count the standard collector card and DC figure stand. He definitely should have come with a flight stand and I don’t see why that wasn’t included given the fact that A) Martian Manhunter can fly and B) we didn’t even get a second pair of hands or a second head! This is my only gripe with this figure. I really wish that I could have been given a pair of closed fists instead just the one fist and a hand that looks like it could hold something.

Of course, fans of McFarlane toys are used to not getting many accessories with their figures, so I’m going to let that slide and mention that of all of the recent McFarlane figures that I’ve picked up, this Martian Manhunter figure has some of the best points of articulation that I’ve seen in awhile. All of the joints are solid and move easily. They maintain their position extremely well. If I have any complaints, it’s that J’onn’s head is a bit hindered by his collar. Other than that, he’s perfect. Just keep him away from matches!

I’m not kidding when I say that this is a beautiful figure. He looks great on my shelf. I often find myself just staring at him and another figure that I’ll be reviewing very soon. If you’re a fan of Martian Manhunter, get this figure. If you simply love beautiful figures, get this figure. You won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading my post. Some of you might have noticed that I’m attempting to take more interesting photos of my figures using light boxes and different lighting techniques. Please bear with me as I attempt to improve my amateur photography skills.

See you again real soon!

The Batman (2022)

“I’m Vengeance.”

Spoiler-Free Review

Culling its primary tale from DC Comics’ The Long Halloween, Year One, and other Batman stories, 2022’s The Batman is a very solid movie. In the story, the Riddler is on a killing spree and Batman is trying to decipher all of the clues left in the wake of each murder. All of the murders are linked together and each one is executed with specific intentions to expose the true villains of Gotham City. Batman teams up with Jim Gordon and Catwoman to figure out the Riddler’s next move and take him down before he murders again. You’ll have to watch the film to see what happens and I highly recommend checking it out for yourself.

The film gives us a version of Batman that casual and film-only fans may not be familiar with: The Dark Knight Detective. Batman actively works with Gotham City’s police department, specifically James Gordon, and uses evidence, clues, and some sweet technology to decipher the Riddler’s game plan. Alfred is there as well, assisting Batman with his detective work. Selina Kyle, also known as Catwoman, has her own motives for helping Batman but I don’t want to spoil any of that in this review.

The film also gives us a look at the seedy underbelly of Gotham. Fans will recognize characters such as Carmine Falcone and the Penguin and a few other folks that I won’t mention at the moment. As the Riddler slowly reveals his plans to Batman and the rest of Gotham City, we learn that many of the villains in the film aren’t as obvious as they seem. Of course, if you’re a reader of the comics, you’re well aware that the “white knights” of Gotham are sometimes just as crooked as or even worse than the obvious villains.


  • The detective work: It was refreshing to see Batman actively working with GCPD. The police were uncomfortable with him in their territory but understood that he was most likely their best hope to solve the Riddler’s motives for murder and successfully capture him. Their relationship with Batman is uneasy.
  • The Penguin: Although he’s essentially a high level stooge for other crime bosses in this film, Colin Farrell’s portrayal of Oswald Cobblepot hints at much bigger things to come for the character. Farrrell was completely unrecognizable in the role and he gave the best performance of the entire cast in this film. He also provided some humorous moments in an otherwise dark film.
  • The Batman: Robert Pattinson’s Batman gets beat up a lot in this film and he has the scars to show it. He questions himself, questions others, and is methodical with everything that he does in the movie. He also provides some genuinely suspenseful moments in the film as he is often only heard and/or briefly seen at times. When villains peer into the darkness and hear footfalls but see nothing, you know that trouble is on the way for them.
  • Bruce Wayne: Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne looks worn out and depressed throughout the film. He actually looks and acts like a man who lives a double life and gets very little sleep as a result. I’m expecting the “playboy” persona to eventually come to light in later films, but this is the right Bruce Wayne for this story as it takes place.
  • James Gordon: Jeffrey Wright gives a stellar performance as Lt. Gordon. It’s a meat-and-potatoes version of the character who stands as the only member of GCPD that Batman fully trusts. They work together excellently in this film.
  • The Batmobile: It spends most of the film as part of the back drop, covered by a tarp. When it is finally revealed in all of its glory, however, it is shown to be the best Batmobile since the iconic 1989 version of the vehicle. It’s a monster on wheels and it strikes terror into those that dare square off against it.
  • Minimal CGI: Did they even use it in this film at all? If they did, the production does a great job of hiding it. Almost all of the effects in this film are practical and that, in my opinion, only adds to the grittiness and “realness” of the movie.
  • No On Screen Death Of The Parents: For the first time in a long time we get to see a Batman film that doesn’t include a flashback scene with Bruce’s parents getting murdered. Sure, that element is still present in the film, but how many times has that specific moment been visited over the years? It’s almost as bad as poor Uncle Ben getting shot down in the Spidey flicks!


  • The film’s length: Clocking in at almost three hours in length, The Batman begins to wear out its welcome in the third act. In all honesty, they could have stopped the film thirty or so minutes earlier and I would have been just happy. When you believe that the film is almost over, a new threat arises and drags things out longer than necessary.

Yep, the film’s length is my only gripe. Had director Matt Reeves ended the tale just a little bit earlier this film would have been perfect. Everything else is well done. It’s not my favorite Batman film and it’s far from a masterpiece, but The Batman is an excellent Batman film that deserves any and all accolades that it receives.

The Cast:

  • Robert Pattinson as Batman/Bruce Wayne
  • Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Jeffrey Wright as James Gordon
  • John Turturro as Carmine Falcone
  • Paul Dano as The Riddler
  • Colin Farrell as The Penguin
  • Andy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth

Other cast members include Peter Sarsgaard, Charlie and Max Carver, Gil Perez-Abraham, and Jayme Lawson. All of the cast do great jobs but I cannot say enough about Farrell’s portrayal of the Penguin. John Turturro deserves a nod for his portrayal of Falcone as well.

So, there you have it. The Batman is a very good movie and it definitely needs to be seen on the big screen. I hope that you enjoyed my spoiler free review of the movie and I thank you for reading it. Be sure to check out the film!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Batman (2022)

“I’m vengeance!”

With The Batman due to hit theaters on March 4th and with me being such a huge fan of the character in pretty much all of his incarnations, I had to snap up the McFarlane Toys version of the Dark Knight as soon as I saw it. I can’t wait for the film and having this figure in hand makes me even that more excited for the movie.

The figure is pretty nice overall. The only included accessory is a grappling hook gun. This is par for the course with McFarlane and it doesn’t look like this will change any time soon. In my opinion, Batman is the one hero who is the poster child for multiple accessories. Oh, well, one can only dream. He does also come with the token trading card and DC figure stand, though, and I always appreciate those two things.

There’s a ton of attention to detail that McFarlane is known for for but a closer look at the figure reveals a few misfires. First of all, the shoulder pads on the figure are made of soft plastic. That’s not necessarily an issue, but if you lift Batman’s arms up at the shoulder, the pads either get caught under his cape or pop out in an unsightly manner. Also, the cape just doesn’t look attached at all. I’m assuming that it is tucked under the chest plate in the film, but on the figure it just lies on top of the plate in a gingerly fashion. My figure also features a few stiff joints.

My biggest gripe with this figure is the grappling gun and everything associated with it. There’s a peg in Batman’s right hand where you have to snap the gun into place. It looks like he’s using the Force to hold it there instead of actually holding it with his hand. The handle pokes out beneath which makes the whole thing look unnatural. Why couldn’t they have just closed Batman’s hand a little bit so that he can actually hold the grappling gun? If you try to extend Batman’s arm to fire the grappling hook into some railing above you risk popping out the shoulder pad and Batman’s head can’t turn upwards enough for a shot high into the rafters. If you look at the photos below, you’ll get a better idea of what I’m trying to say.

I will say that the figure looks great on display. As I mentioned, the attention to detail is great. You can see the stitching in Batman’s cowl and distinguish the different pieces of what appears to be plate armor. His boot laces also stand out and his utility belt is wonderful. The face is pretty close to what I have seen of Robert Pattinson in the cowl as well.

As a display figure, The Batman is a winner. As a figure that you might want to pose in battle against the Riddler or any other member of the Rogue’s Gallery, he just doesn’t work. Still, it’s a pretty good figure that’s definitely worthy of purchase.

Thanks for reading my post. I can’t wait to see the film and you know that I’ll be reviewing it once I do!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Justice League 2021 Speed Force Flash

“Just gotta go faster than the speed of light…..far beyond the speed of light.”

Catching a McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Flash figure from the Justice League 2021 line has been almost as impossible as catching the actual Flash. Thankfully McFarlane released a second version of the figure, Speed Force Flash, and I found a number of them on the shelf at my local Target. I’ve only seen the original Flash figure from this line once in the wild and, to be quite honest, I’m glad that I passed on it and picked up Speed Force Flash instead.

Speed Force Flash comes with the standard McFarlane list: generous points of articulation, a collector card, a display stand, and far too few accessories. Okay, in this case, SF Flash comes with four “speed force” trails that can be attached at different points on his body. I know that there aren’t many other accessories that you could add to this figure so I’m not too worried about the lack of accessories.

The figure has a pretty good likeness of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash. I also really like the detailing on Flash’s suit/armor. I know that this particular design isn’t as popular with audiences and comic book fans but I really like it and think that it looks great. Barry’s hands feature fingers that are spread out as he’s accelerating his speed. The feet and legs can be easily manipulated into a number of running poses as well.

What really sets this figure apart from the rest of the pack is the “speed force” effect that is achieved by having many of the pieces of the figure either a blue translucent color or having the red fade into the translucent blue coloring. It looks amazing in my opinion and gives the illusion of movement of the figure. You can attach the “speed force” trails to the figure to add to the look or leave them off as well. In either case, the figure looks great. It should be noted that balancing Barry on one foot on the display stand can be a bit awkward. The ankle POA has a tendency to slip to one side or the other. After a few attempts at posing the figure I managed to find a sweet spot, though, and he hasn’t fallen over yet.

I’d also like to mention that whenever I was picking out which Speed Force Flash figure to purchase, I noticed that one figure had considerably more blue translucent pieces and effects than the other ones had. I decided to pick up that figure for two reasons: 1) He looked a lot cooler than the other figures and 2) I’m hoping that he’s a variant or some type of fluke. While I expect to see a few minor differences in paint applications across a line, the figure that I purchased was much more translucent than the other figures. Sadly, the comparison photo that I took above had poor lighting due to Target’s lights, but I hope that you can see the difference in the figures. Also, if you are aware of any variants or fluke versions of Speed Force Flash, let me know in the comments.

While he isn’t the original figure released in the Justice League 2021 line, I do believe that Speed Force Flash is the superior version of the figure. In fact, I would go as far as to say that Speed Force Flash is my favorite figure in this line as a whole. I just love the look of the figure. Great job, McFarlane Toys!

Thanks for checking out my post. There are more posts on the way!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse 2021 Justice League Cyborg

My Final Toy Review Of The Year

We’re winding down 2021 and I’ll be posting my End Of Year Blog review on the 31st, but I decided to make one final review before the year ends. I managed to find a McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse 2021 Justice League Cyborg figure based off of Ray Fisher’s portrayal of the character in the Snyderverse version of Justice League. The figures from the this particular version of the film are hard to come by with the exception of Ben Affleck’s Batman figure. I hope to snag the other figures in this line but I am having trouble finding them at a reasonable price.

I’ve already reviewed the Batman and black suited Superman figures from this line and when compared to those two figures, Cyborg is unfortunately lacking. That’s not necessarily McFarlane’s fault, however, as they did an extremely good job of recreating the primarily CGI character from the film. The figure nails Ray Fisher’s look. Sadly, Cyborg has numerous soft plastic parts that make him look a lot like his film version but it’s these parts that make the figure awkward.

The biggest flaws in this figure can be found at his waist and shoulders. The waist hinge is exposed and makes the figure look cheap. The soft plastic shoulder pieces pop up whenever the arms are moved and while the articulation is great, it looks terrible whenever you pose the figure in any fashion with his arms raised. The “glow” from his chest looks more like a bloodstain which it could be as I still haven’t watched this film.

In the case of this figure, McFarlane is darned if they do and darned if they don’t. As I’ve already stated, the figure looks very similar to Ray Fisher’s portrayal of the character in the film but it’s the dead on look that actually hinders the overall appeal of this figure. Children that get this figure probably won’t care whether or not it looks a whole lot like Fisher but the flimsier pieces will most likely break after a little play time. Collectors will appreciate the striking likeness but won’t appreciate the pose options for display. In either case, McFarlane loses.

The figure does come with an arm accessory which separates in from most of the other figures in this line. The accessory attaches at the elbow and looks pretty good but it can be awkward to attach. It also comes with a standard collector card and base.

Ultimately this figure is more of a miss than a hit. I appreciate the attention to detail but am not a fan of the “blood stain” chest glow and the poor articulation pieces. The overall look is great but the flaws that I’ve mentioned make this figure a pass unless you’re a completionist or really love Cyborg. I fall into the latter category and try to snag as many Cyborg figures as I can as they are few and far between. I recommend snagging one of Spinmaster’s four inch Cyborg figures if you can find him. He doesn’t look like Ray Fisher but he’s a brilliant little figure.

Thanks for checking out my final review of the year. This has been a rough year to say the least but I’m alive and my family is healthy. Here’s to a great 2022!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse 2021 Justice League Superman

“I just miss him….I miss him so much.”

When the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League was released, fans finally got to see the Big Blue Boy Scout in all of his black-suited glory. Cashing in on the opportunity to sell some toys, McFarlane Toys released the black suit Superman figure and folks like myself ran to the stores to get him. In all honesty he was a bit hard to find, but I managed to get my hands on one of the figures a few weeks ago and am finally getting around to reviewing it.

If you are familiar with any of my other McFarlane reviews, you already know what to expect articulation-wise. The figure features excellent articulation from head to toe. He has over twenty POA. The likeness to Henry Cavill is pretty decent as well. The figure’s cape is soft plastic. I prefer it this way, so I won’t complain about it. It looks good no matter how you pose the figure.

My only complaint about this figure is the massive lack of accessories. Sure, he’s Superman, so I don’t expect him to come with any gadgets or gizmos like I would expect to find with a Batman or Nightwing figure, but I’d love to have at least one other set of hands or possibly a head to swap out on the figure. Instead, we get the standard collector card and a figure base that allows you to have Supes stand or fly. I chose to have him fly on my shelf, and he looks pretty good.

If you’re a fan of Superman, get this figure. If you’re a fan of the Snyder cut, get this figure. The only way that I wouldn’t suggest getting this figure is if you absolutely hate Superman, the Justice League film, or Zack Snyder. Otherwise this is a definite purchase for all of my fellow action figure freaks.

I’ve seen just one Aquaman and two Cyborgs in the wild. I have yet to see a Wonder Woman figure on the shelf nor have I seen any traces of a Flash figure. I’ll probably break down and purchase at least one or two more of this series. I’d love to complete it, but I don’t see that happening because of eBay jerks and resellers. In any case, I want to thank you for checking out my post. I have a cool little Throwback Thursday scheduled for this week and next week will be all about Christmas. See you again real soon.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Robin (Damian Wayne)

“I am Robin. Son of Batman. And That’s All You Need To Know.”

Say what you want about the cocky offspring of the Dark Knight, Damian Wayne does his own thing with his own style. It’s one of the reasons that I love Damian as Robin in the world of DC Comics. He’s my favorite Robin of all time despite still being relatively new when compared to the legacy of other characters who wore the “R” over their hearts like Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Carrie Kelley.

This figure captures Robin from the DC Rebirth Teen Titans run. As with almost every other figure in the McFarlane DC Multiverse line, Robin is loaded with details. His gauntlets are wonderfully molded and his cape (soft plastic) is textured. Robin’s face is inspired by the artwork from the comics, so he doesn’t necessarily look like a real human but I still love his look. He has laced-up boots that feature plenty of amazing detail. They are probably my favorite thing about this figure in general. The suit has a ton of detail as well.

Robin comes with three accessories: a sword, a pair of throwing stars, and a display stand. Unlike many figures in this line, Robin doesn’t necessarily need the stand to hold a pose. His articulation is excellent and only slightly hindered by his collar and cape. He can securely hold his sword in either hand. His throwing stars are a bit awkward but you can fit them into his hands. If you decide to display with the stars, be sure to keep a watchful eye on them as they can easily fall out of his hands. Robin also comes with a collectible card.

The paint applications are fairly well done but there are a few blemishes on the figure. The most notable ones are found on his shirt (yellow clasps and yellow trim). Other than those two blemishes, nothing else is too noticeable. The colors on the figure pop in general and this makes Robin an eye-catching addition to any collector’s shelf.

I love this figure. He’s a great representation of one of my favorite DC characters. If you’re a fan of Robin, Damian Wayne, or Batman in general, grab this figure.

Thanks for checking out my post. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Rebirth Bizarro

“Me not human….me not creature….me not even animal!”

McFarlane Toys outdid themselves with their beautiful Rebirth Bizarro figure. As you can see from the photo above, I managed to pick him up for about half of his original price. In all honesty I probably wouldn’t have purchased Bizarro at full price as I had not yet purchased any villains in the line yet. None of the villains (as well as almost all of the Batman figures) have really grabbed my attention….until now.

This figures is simply amazing. It’s quite possibly my favorite McFarlane figure from the line based upon its looks alone. Bizarro comes with twenty-two points of articulation. His accessories include two open hands that can be used in place of his two closed fists. Unlike the Superman figures in this line, Bizarro does not come with a flight stand which is sort of a downer, but I can use one of the other flight stands if I choose.

The box that Bizarro was packaged in is like every other McFarlane package in this line. Unfortunately it’s scraped in the front (which makes for a poor photo) and generally banged up. The included collector card was in perfect condition, however, so it went into my bin with all of the other cards in the line.

The paint applications look very good. The base mold for the figure is a dark greyish blue. The face, hands, and red and yellow colors are all paint applications. The cape is made of soft plastic and looks quite nice. On my figure the cape sits just slightly off of Bizarro’s upper chest, leaving a small crack where the cape should attach to his suit.

This figure simply looks great. He’s the centerpiece of my McFarlane collection. This figure proves that you don’t need a lot of bells and whistles to be a beautiful piece of art. I definitely suggest picking up this figure. He looks wonderful on the shelf, especially when flanked by Superman and Red Son.

Thanks for checking out my post. I’m planning on making at least two other posts this week, so be on the lookout for them.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Batman Unmasked

“I’m a man who has too much blood on his hands to be called good.”

The Flashpoint Paradox is one of my favorite stories in comics. From the battle between Aquaman and Wonder Woman to the great hidden mystery of Kal-El, this story has some amazing alternate versions of some of DC’s greatest heroes and villains. My favorite character in the whole story is the alternate Batman, who happens to be Thomas Wayne in this universe. I won’t go into much detail as to why Thomas Wayne is Batman and not Bruce, but just know that Martha Wayne has taken on a new persona in this world as well. If you haven’t read the Flashpoint Paradox, I highly recommend checking it out.

When I first learned that McFarlane released a Thomas Wayne Batman in their DC Multiverse line, I became extremely excited. Unfortunately for me I learned about the character too late and those wonderful scalpers already scooped up most of the figures. The asking price was well out of my range, so I decided to play the waiting game. Thankfully I learned that McFarlane would be releasing another version of the Thomas Wayne Batman. This one would be unmasked and a Target Exclusive. I found out the release date and patiently waited to begin my hunt.

To my surprise, I managed to find the figure over the past weekend. He was the only one on the peg and the included sword was slightly bent, but I couldn’t pass up the chance to finally get my hands on a quality figure of my favorite Batman. I scooped him up like an excited child.

When I opened the figure, the first thing that I noticed was its bulk. Much like his comic book counterpart, this Thomas Wayne figure is big, grizzled, and war-weary. The mold looks excellent and just like all of the other figures in this line, it comes with twenty-two points of articulation.

The figure also comes with a simple display base, a collector card, two guns that can be holstered, and the Amazonian sword that Thomas Wayne wields at a climactic moment in the Flashpoint tale. The sword that I purchased was slightly bent but is made of very soft plastic, so with a little bit of motivation I managed to straighten it to a more suitable looking form. It doesn’t sit very well in Batman’s hands. In fact, it’s extremely loose fitting. The guns fit well in their holsters but don’t fit very well at all in Batman’s hands despite the hands being shaped specifically with Thomas’ trigger finger ready to fire on both hands. I wish that the figure had come with at least one other set of hands.

While I love the look of this figure, I can’t really say that it’s one of my favorite McFarlane figures. I don’t like the loose fitting sword or the ill fitting guns. I do like the mold of the figure which features some great details including the crumpled cowl on the top of the cape and the horned shoulders that are a signature design of Thomas Wayne’s costume. If you’re a fan of the character like I am, it’s definitely worth a purchase but if you’d rather have a Bruce Wayne Batman in your collection, save your money for one of those many versions of the character.

Thanks for checking out my post. As much as I love Thomas Wayne’s Batman, this figure is somewhat lacking. If you can find him, Spin Master has a four inch version of the figure (minus the shoulder horns) that looks pretty good and costs about fifteen dollars less at retail price.