Parkside NWSL Trading Cards

These cards kick!

In recent years I have become quite fond of soccer. My wife has been a soccer player since she was a young child and was actually offered a scholarship to play at the collegiate level. As a result of her love for the game, I’ve been more invested in women’s soccer than in the men’s game although I do watch many games in various male leagues. The NWSL, National Women’s Soccer League, caught my attention this year. I recently subscribed to Paramount+ and have been loyally watching games ever since. It’s my newest addiction.

Base card front.

Being a collector of trading cards off and on over the course of my life and having lost most of those cards thanks to Hurricane Laura, I decided to pick up the hobby once again. Part of the reason that I decided to do this was because of Parkside and their beautiful NWSL 2021 Trading Card set. The base set features two hundred cards with a simple design on the front that features either an action shot or a posed photo of each player with a banner at the bottom of the card displaying the player’s name and team logo. The backs of the cards include a brief note about the player, their team number, position, Instagram tag, college (if applicable), and birth information. There’s also a QR code that you can scan to see each player’s stats.

Base card back.

Each pack comes with twenty-five cards although I’ve received twenty-six cards in almost every pack that I’ve opened. I got twenty-seven cards in at least one pack as well. There are two foil parallel cards and one black and white parallel card included in each pack. There are also three insert cards included with each pack. Not all of the insert card types are listed on the back of the packs, but as far as I know, these are the types of inserts that you can find and their odds according to the pack:

  • Vintage 1:1
  • Luminescent 1:3
  • Hyped 1:4
  • Signature Series Blue Ink 1:20 with Purple and Red parallels (Unknown odds)
  • Cityscapes 1:100
  • Americana 1:300
  • Photo Variation Base Card (Unknown odds)
  • Promising Prospects (Purple, Red, and Blue parallels) (Unknown odds)
  • Mystery Memorabilia (Unknown odds)
  • 1/1 Base Parallel (Unknown odds)
Black and White Parallels.

The odds for some of the cards, especially the Signature Series and Cityscapes, are disputed by many on the web. I have my doubts as well since I have yet to find a Signature Series card and have quite a few Cityscapes cards in hand. I really like a lot of the inserts, especially the Promising Prospects and the Hyped cards. The Promising Prospects have a base purple card and a blue Walmart and red Target parallel set.

Promising Prospects Red Variant (L) and Purple (R).

On social media you can find a number of trading groups. I happen to be a member of one of the Facebook groups and have made several trades in order to complete my base set. I’m currently on the hunt for a few of the inserts, especially the Promising Prospects cards and the Hyped cards. On Twitter, Parkside retweets trade requests and interacts with collectors regularly. They have a contest going on Instagram where they randomly select people to win official NWSL soccer balls. I’ve entered and am patiently waiting to see if I win.

Foil parallels and Red Promising Prospects.

I am very much addicted to these cards. If you want to join a trading group, feel free to message me and I’ll send you in the right direction. I don’t want to mention the group here in case any scalpers might be lurking. The group that I am part of is meant to be for collectors and completionists who do not wish to sell off cards simply for profit. The group that I am in is for fans of the league.

Luminescent (L) and Cityscapes (R) cards. Just FYI, I’ve already traded the Morgan cards.

Thanks for checking out my post. I’ve got the trading card bug again and have also been collecting a few Topps Match Attax cards albeit with less fervor than I have with the NWSL cards. It’s very difficult to find soccer trading cards in southern Louisiana. Purchasing them online can be a hassle as well as many boxes sell out before I can get my hands on them. I might be reviewing more cards in the future. Let me know if you want to see more content like this in the comments section.

Vintage Inserts.
More Promising Prospects and one Hyped card.

Hurricane Pro Wrestling 8/18/18

Beaumont, Texas

I crossed the Sabine River into Texas over the weekend with my family for my fourth round of Hurricane Pro Wrestling.  Although I’m still learning about this promotion, it has been around for quite awhile in southeast Texas and has seen steady growth since it first began.  I last wrote about Hurricane Pro in June when they crowned their first Women’s Champion, Miranda Alize, in one of the best live shows that I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended multiple WWE, WCW, NWA, Deep South, and Mid-South shows and tons of independent events over the years).


I wasn’t able to post about last month’s event, but it was excellent as well.  New Tag Team champions were crowned when Alex Lane and Ricardo Cage, together known as Make Your Own Path (M.Y.O.P.) successfully took the belts in a three way tag match.  Don Rodrigo won the Cruiserweight Championship in a shocking upset over Jared Wayne of the Pump Patrol.  The biggest win of the night came when Jordan Jensen defeated long-time Heavyweight Champion Terrale Tempo for the belt.  I didn’t get many good shots that evening, but here’s one of Tempo and Jensen hugging in the ring after their match.


On August 18th, all three of the belts won in July were put on the line.  The event saw all three belts defended, but not without controversy.  The first match of the night saw Don Rodrigo defend his belt against Jared Wayne’s cohort and fellow Pump Patrol stable member, Jonny Flex.  I’d love to see these two have a hair versus hair match, as it was a battle of flowing manes in the opening match.  The Don defeated Flex, but it was an excellent struggle that saw Flex take control of the match multiple times.

Sorry for the poor quality of my photos.  All promotional photos taken from the Hurricane Pro Facebook Page.


The second match featured the high-flying Estrella Galactica taking on Billy Fletcher of the Dark Alliance.  The match featured some excellent moves from both wrestlers and Estrella did a great job winning the match despite the occasional interference of Billy’s valet, the lovely but deadly Divinity.


Match Three of the night saw crowd favorite Bu Ku Dao, the Situ-Asian, square off against the very big and very angry Rex Andrews.  The match featured some excellent aerial and ground work from Dao, but the sheer strength of Andrews and his multiple power moves coupled with some excellent submission maneuvers saw him walk away victorious.  Both men earned the respect of the crowd after putting on an excellent display of speed, strength, and grappling.


After a brief intermission where some of the wrestlers came out to visit with fans and pose for photos, things got underway in the second half of the evening with a brutal tag team match featuring M.Y.O.P. defending their belts against the hungry duo of Curt Matthews and Jared Wayne, the brains and brawn of the Pump Patrol.  The match moved quickly with M.Y.O.P. using their speed and ring knowledge to outmaneuver and outsmart the much bigger Pump Patrol.  There were multiple tags during the match and this resulted in a lot of confusion in the ring.  Thankfully the referee, Said, kept his head during the chaos and gave a ten count to Ricardo Cage of M.Y.O.P. to give the Pump Patrol the win by disqualification.  In the ring, Curt Matthews had Alex Lane pinned for the three count, but this came after Cage was disqualified.  That meant that M.Y.O.P. retained their belts on a technicality since the belts can only change hands by pin or submission.  The Pump Patrol became enraged, stole the belts from M.Y.O.P., and told them that the only way to truly become the Hurricane Pro Tag Team Champions would be to defeat them.


The next match featured the “Pinfall Wizard,” Steve-O-Reno against the man that the people of Beaumont love to hate, Ashton Jacobs.  The duo put on one of the best matches of the night as Jacobs drew a ton of heat from the crowd and Steve-O-Reno won them over with his crazy moves.  Victorious last month, Jacobs’ winning streak would come to an end at the hands of the Pinfall Wizard, as Steve-O-Reno would take Jacobs down in the ring.


The night was capped off by a great main event featuring Heavyweight Champion Jordan Jensen defending his belt for the very first time.  His competition, Ricky Starks, immediately drew heat from the crowd as he taunted and leered at them.  The duo squared off in a fast moving match featuring some excellent high spots and solid grappling moves.  Both Jensen and Sparks wowed the crowd with their moves and in the end, Jensen walked away with a successful title defense.


Next month’s show has already been announced.  Hurricane Pro will return to the Beaumont Civic Center on September 22nd.  The doors will open at 6:30 PM and the first bell rings at 7:00 PM.  If you are in the area, I highly recommend checking out Hurricane Pro.  Their events are family friendly and extremely interactive.  Wrestlers will often come out to visit with the crowd before the matches begin and there’s some great food and items to purchase as well.  During the intermission and after the last match, wrestlers will come out once again to hang out with their fans.


If you’d like more information about Hurricane Pro, check out their website here.  To get the latest scoop on upcoming events, check out their Facebook page or look for them across other social media.

As always, thanks for reading my post.  If you do get a chance to visit a Hurricane Pro show, let me know in advance and we can hang out for a bit.


Hurricane Pro: The Crowning

Beaumont, TX

On Saturday, June 16th, I took my son and daughter to the best professional wrestling event that I’ve been to in a very long time.  Hurricane Pro’s The Crowning, which took place at the Beaumont Civic Center, was simply awesome.  There’s no other way to describe the event.

We purchased VIP tickets that gave us early access to the venue, a meet-and-greet with some of the featured wrestlers, and hot pink t-shirts commemorating the event.  My kids really enjoyed meeting the women of The Crowning.  All five competitors met with VIPs before the show and took photos and signed autographs with everyone.  As a rule, I don’t post photos of my children on my blog, but know that the kids were excited to meet the competitors before the matches began.Our seats were ringside, meaning we had an up-close-and-personal view of everything that went down during the night and things definitely went down!

Things opened up with Ayden Cristiano taking on Jordan Jensen.  Cristiano didn’t get a very warm reception from the crowd.  They cheered on fan favorite Jordan Jensen throughout the match.  Both men and Cristiano’s manager, The Don, put on a great show.  The Don interacted with the crowd and took a lot of verbal punishment for his troubles.  He also ended up on the business end of Jordan Jensen’s fists a few times as well. Jensen was victorious, but he wasn’t done for the evening.  I’ll get to that later.


Next up was an interesting pair of matches pitting two tag teams against each other in singles matches.  Make Your Own Path’s Alex Lane faced off against the Dark Alliance’s Heinz Emmerich.  Lane’s high energy dominated the match despite interference from Emmerich’s partner, Billy W. Fletcher.  Lane and Emmerich took things outside of the ring and into the crowd at one point.  Blood was also drawn as Lane started bleeding from the mouth during the match.

Lane succeeded in his match, but for him and his teammate, Ricardo Cage, to become the number one contender for the tag team titles, Cage had to defeat Fletcher in singles competition.  That match started immediately after Lane pinned Emmerich, and unfortunately for Make Your Own Path, Fletcher defeated Cage.  During that match, though, myself and the crowd had a lot of fun taunting Emmerich.  He even told me to shut up a few times.


Next up was the Hurricane Pro Heavyweight Title Match between challenger Bu Ku Dao (my son’s favorite wrestler) and champion Terrale Tempo.  In all honesty I’m a fan of both of these guys, so I pretty much sat quietly as this match unfolded.  Neither wrestler disappointed as Tempo managed to keep his title for another day.  After the fight, the crowd applauded both wrestlers and Bu Ku Dao left the arena knowing that he did a great job.  During his exit, though, another wrestler entered the arena, grabbed the heavyweight belt, and walked around the ring with it a few times before finally giving it to Tempo.  That wrestler? Jordan Jensen, a man who has wanted a shot at Tempo’s belt for awhile.  It looks like he’ll get his shot in July!  More on that in a minute.


The next match-up was a a two on three handicap match between the Pump Patrol and Brysin Scott and Estrella Galactica.  Despite the handicap, Scott and Galactica held their own throughout the match.  Things even went outside of the ring a few times, as Scott and Galactica utilized their aerial moves on the Pump Patrol numerous times.  Ultimately it was a failed attempt at cheating that cost the Pump Patrol the match. setting up Estrella Galactica for the win.


The event was capped off by the first ever Hurricane Pro Women’s Championship match that featured five excellent wrestlers.  Miranda Alize, Chelsea Green, Phoebe, Hyan, and Simply Luscious faced off in a gauntlet match.  Phoebe and Luscious entered the ring first, with Luscious brutally attacking Phoebe.  Simply Luscious never let up on Phoebe, but Phoebe eventually managed to get the best of Luscious and scored a victory.  She had no time to catch her breath, however, as Hyan entered the ring immediately after Simply Luscious’ exit.  Hyan focused on Phoebe’s damaged arm and wore her down with a series of holds and attacks.  Phoebe eventually succumbed to Hyan’s perfect execution of moves and was sent packing despite a solid effort.  Miranda Alize was next in the ring and she and Hyan squared off in an excellent contest that showed both ladies take a ton of abuse.  Miranda managed to defeat Hyan, but Hyan definitely left her mark on Miranda, Phoebe, and the fans of Hurricane Pro.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The final competitor to enter the match was Chelsea Green.  Demanding that the crowd cheer louder for her, she strutted into the ring full of confidence and she and Miranda began circling one another until they finally commenced their battle.  The competition was very close as both ladies gave as much as the got during the first half of the match.  Green verbally sparred with the crowd while holding her own against Miranda.


About halfway through the match, and possibly as a result of two running corner kicks from Miranda, Chelsea Green snapped, whipped out some lipstick, and turned into the highly unhinged Hot Mess of Professional Wrestling that she is known and loved for by her fans.  Her attack became more brutal and relentless, eventually tossing Miranda into the crowd.  Neither Miranda nor popcorn buckets or chairs were safe as the Hot Mess savagely beat her opponent.  The action spread all over the arena and eventually ended up in the row behind our seats.



It was at this point that Miranda started to regain control of the match and the two wrestlers finally found their way back into the ring.  Miranda eventually got the win over Chelsea Green to become Hurricane Pro’s first Women’s Champion, but none of the ladies involved in the match did a bad job.  All of them were deserving of the title, and hopefully we will see Miranda defend her title against all of them in future matches.


After the match was over, the announcer let everyone know that both Miranda and Chelsea and many of the other wrestlers from the event would be out signing autographs and taking photos.  My daughter got a second photo with the ladies and my son grabbed a quick snap with Estrella Galactica.  I had to get a selfie with the Hot Mess in full psycho mode, and she happily took a photo with me.  I also got an autographed photo from her.


Just a few hours ago, Hurricane Pro officially announced that their next big event is coming up on July 28th and it will feature Terrale Tempo defending his belt against Jordan Jensen.  More matches and ticket information will be coming in the near future, so be sure to check out Hurricane Pro’s website and follow them on Facebook to keep up with everything that is happening at the next show!


I want to thank each and everyone of my readers for viewing this post and everything else that I’ve posted over the years.  Please note that I have received no compensation for this post or any other post that I’ve made from the beginning.  I do this on my own and at my own expense.  I do this because I love everything from movies and books to cartoons and professional wrestling.  As long as I see that people are reading my content, I’ll content to post to this blog.

Keep an eye out for my eventual Solo review and also for a recap of my recent visit to Austin, TX.  I had a blast out there and have a ton of things to talk about from my trip.  Again, thanks for reading!!!


That Game Last Night And The Nerdy Connection

Glendale, AZ

Like a whole lot of other people in the good ol’ US of A last night, I tuned into that football game that featured the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots.  In all honesty I didn’t care one bit about who would win the game.  I just wanted to watch it in the hopes that the two teams involved would put on a good show, and they did just that.  I also watched for the commercials, which were super depressing for the most part.  Mountain Dew and Pizza Hut did their best to lift spirits, but all of the other commercials were just…blah.  Of course, the Kim Kardashian commercial was wretched.  Not only did it prove to the world just how clueless she really is, it showed us all that she has no charisma whatsoever, leaving me puzzled even more about her popularity.

While the commercials were predominantly lame and the game was pretty fun to watch, it was the half time show that really blew me away.  I’m a metal head first and foremost, but there are dark corners of my brain that indulge in sugary sweet pop and other musical stylings that might shock a lot of people.  Katy Perry is gorgeous, and she isn’t half bad at singing either.  She flaunted everything she had last night in the half time show and put on a spectacle that even made this old KISS fan smile many times.

The funny thing is that Ms. Perry (or perhaps the show choreographer) revealed to us a bit of her nerdy side with the show.  For starters, she came out on a massive golden lion that walked across the field.  Now, a lot of football nerds (and yes, there are football nerds out there) immediately started joking about how Perry’s lion was the only lion to ever be in the Super Bowl (a Detroit Lions jab), but myself and a few others immediately thought of that mightiest of lion-based warriors:  Voltron!


I kept waiting for the rest of the lions to show up to form Voltron but, alas, it was not meant to be!

Then she went into a brilliant display of light and choreography on that nerdiest of game boards:  a chess board!  She did this with a full set of human chess pieces that danced along with the music and moved with the board as it tilted over the field.

After that, she went into a few other chaotic numbers that hinted at everything from Spongebob (beach motif, complete with dancing sharks and palm trees), brought in Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliott, and topped it all off with a “The More You Know” looking shooting star.

Yes, I know I’m probably grasping at straws here, but to see so much nerdy goodness in an event that is considered by the majority of people in this country as “not nerdy” was very refreshing.  Oh, and let us not forget the Wii remote strap and the very “Girl On Fire” looking costume!  I know that this post will probably never reach Katy Perry’s eyes, but I do want her to know that I’ve seen her nerdiness and I have exposed her for what she is:  an extremely attractive closet nerd!!!

In other news, there’s a new episode of Gotham tonight and a fresh episode of The Flash tomorrow night.  Also, later this month I will be attending the Louisiana Comic Con in Bossier City, LA.  If any of my readers are attending, lemme know!

That’s all for now, true believers.  Thanks for reading!