It’s The Little Things

The D'arda Sisters and DDK!

Over many years…

Well, I didn’t get to attend CyPhaCon like I hoped thanks to the fact that real life once again swooped in at the last second and dealt me a vicious blow that kept me from much of anything over the weekend.  With that in mind, I figured that I would give all of you a glimpse into my world.  I’m literally throwing this together at my office, so don’t expect any amazing photos.

Here goes….

Collector……Hoarder……Stockpiling Fool…..Call me what you will, but I like to collect things.  I’ve collected many things over the years and I don’t see myself stopping any time soon.  Many of my things are stored away, rarely seeing daylight.  Other things, particular mini figures and a few bobbleheads, are displayed either on my shelf at home or at my office.  My office usually features my current addiction, but a few things have managed to stay put over the years that refuse to go into storage.

I have an Ozzy Osbourne bobblehead that has been in my office since I first acquired it (which was roughly at the height of “The Osbournes” fame in the early 00’s).  He has rarely been dusted or even paid much attention to since I placed him on my desk, but every once in awhile I take a look at him and smile.


My office also features a number of recent Batman and/or DC Comics themed acquisitions such as a classic 1989 Batmobile and the recent 2016 BvS Batmobile.  I also have a ton of mini figures such as the DC Comics’ Lil Bombshells, Funko Pint Size Heroes, Mighty Meeples, and a whole host of other mini figs.


I’m a sucker for mini figures, but I also like larger figures such as the Star Wars 6″ Black Series figures, standard sized action figures, and the 6″ DC figure line as well.  I also enjoy collecting books, music, and just about anything else I can get my hands on, as the following photos show.


I’m also a collector of photographs and autographs.  I have binders that I keep all of my autographed photos in and even more binders that include photos that I’ve taken with both celebs and friends over the years.  One great tradition that has been going on since 2011 has been me getting a group shot with the members of Orion’s Envy.  I’ve befriended these wonderful ladies over the years and I probably have more pictures with them than I do with some of my family members!  It’s always fun to see them at conventions.

Below are a few of my photos with friends and celebs, as well as a few autographed pictures, and a special collection of most (but not all) of my photos with Orion’s Envy (and a couple with the Just Us League as well).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you might have noticed, my weight has greatly fluctuated over the years.  I’m constantly working on that.  In fact, if you read some of my earliest posts, I actually talk about my weight issues.

So, no CyPhaCon for me over the weekend, but hopefully you’ll accept this glimpse into my collection as an apology.  As always, thank you for reading.  I hope to see some of you out on the trail or at a convention very soon!

Getting Up To Speed With The Flash, Gotham, King of the Nerds, And More!

The World Of Television

The CW has a definite hit on its hands with The Flash.  Much like Arrow (which I seriously need to catch up on), it has taken a character that could have become either extremely excellent or terribly silly on the small screen and turned it into one of the most enjoyable new shows of recent memory.  The CW took more of a lighthearted turn with the Scarlet Speedster when compared to Arrow, and I’m glad that they did.  With so many recent heavy-handed shows and films centered on superheroes (Gotham, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, etc.), it’s nice to have a few laughs while watching the blurry one bring justice to Central City.

Grant Gustin has won me over as Barry Allen/Flash, and I look forward to seeing him interact with his brilliant costars on each episode.  The special effects are very good for the budget, and as long as the show is successful, I see these effects getting better.  The writing is superb, easily navigating the waters between young adult drama, superhero action, the ever-present danger of making a hero or villain look hokey or silly, and moving the story along with just enough laughs, thrills, and suspense.

Also, considering the fact that most of the Flash’s enemies have names like Captain Cold, Heatwave, Pied Piper, and Weather Wizard, this makes the writing and acting that much more important to a story that is trying to reach beyond the comic reading audience.  Overall, The Flash is no flash in the pan.  It’s going to be around for awhile.


Fox has a hit of its own with Gotham, although that show definitely has a few wrinkles to iron out before it becomes a sure thing.  Much like The Flash, a second season has been ordered.  Unlike the speedy series, however, Gotham still seems to be finding its footing, especially with writing and a few of the characters and/or actors that portray them.  Robin Lord Taylor is the breakout star of the series.  His portrayal of the Penguin has made me look forward to his presence in the show.  He’s intelligent and lethal, but just enough of of goof up to sometimes get in trouble with Fish, Falcone, Maroni, or others.  He’s still learning the ways of being a crime lord, but he’s well on the way to becoming the villain that runs the show in Gotham City.

Ben McKenzie does a solid job as Jim Gordon, as does Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock.  However, the writing for these two characters sometimes gets jumbled in my opinion, and leaves the actors’ performances a bit wanting.  Sean Pertwee is brilliant as Alfred, and the younger cast portraying Bruce Wayne, Ivy Pepper, and Selina Kyle are also excellent.  The bulk of the supporting cast, particularly Cory Michael Smith (Ed Nygma) and John Doman (Falcone), are also coming into their own and I expect more of them as the series rolls along.

Unfortunately we are still having to put up with the train wreck that is Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney.  While it appears that her character is meant to be a cornerstone in the rise of the Penguin, I feel that Fish is just too outrageous and unnecessarily overacted.  Now, whether or not Smith is directed to overact is unknown to me, but she’s definitely not helping her career with this role.  Erin Richards is also rather disjointed as Barbara Kean.  I feel that it’s not so much her fault, though, as the character itself (so far) is bland.  She’s basically the polar opposite of Fish.

I will say that recent episodes have shown that the writing is starting to develop a solidity that was lacking in early episodes.  The direction is also improving.  Hopefully we’ll see these improvements continue as the show goes into its second season.


The last show that I’m going to talk about today is TBS’ King of the Nerds.  The first season was fun until the finale, in which the “king” was determined not by the actions of the final nerds, but by a popularity vote.  It left a lot of fans with a bitter taste in their mouth,  especially those who felt that Genevieve Pearson was robbed considering the fact that she competed in (and won) more nerd-offs than any other nerd.  She’ll always be the king of season one in my opinion.

The second season attempted to somewhat remedy the whole popularity vote situation and succeeded to a degree, but it also introduced a “villain” element in the program with certain nerds.  I understand that first and foremost this show is a game, but to make certain nerds look like villains (intentionally or unintentionally) seemed a bit too much in my book.  It felt like the show was hoping to make viewers cheer harder for certain members of the  cast than others.

The newest season seems to be cranking up the villainy a bit as well, but there’s no definite villain yet (there’s only been one episode).  However, Ori seems to be well on his way to being a potential thorn in the side of some of the nerds and Kaitlin’s attitude seems ripe for villainy as well.  Hopefully things will even out a bit and we’ll see nerds leave the show with no ill feelings towards any of them.

In other news, I’ve been a bad boy when it comes to my exercises lately and, as a result, have put a few pounds back on.  I’m jumping back on the Insanity wagon again and hope to get myself back on the straight and narrow soon enough.

Next month I’m headed to Louisiana Comic Con and Mary Kate Smith of the second season of King of the Nerds will be there.  That in and of itself is pretty cool.  I’ll give a full report after the convention.

That’s all for now folks.  If you agree (or disagree) with anything I’ve posted, lemme know!  Thanks for reading.

“Weight” A Minute!

Lake Charles, LA


I haven’t posted anything on my weight loss struggles and victories recently, so here’s a brief update.  As of today, I’m actually gaining weight.  It’s not all muscle, either.  Ever since I returned home from Missouri back in July, I’ve been having this on again/off again relationship with my eating habits, exercise routing, and willpower.  At first I thought it was just me becoming bored with Insanity because I’ve done so many rounds, so I grabbed T25 in the hopes that a new routine would kick me back into overdrive.

Well……it hasn’t.  In fact, I’m less enthusiastic about T25 and have been debating on whether or not to start up the old Insanity routine again.  I’ve tried to integrate jogging into the picture, but haven’t been very successful due to the fact that the roads by my house are rather traffic-heavy and I don’t have time in the evening to drive down to a park.

My appetite has gone bonkers over the last couple of weeks as well.  I’m eating a lot more, working out a lot less, and have lost pretty much all desire to lose more weight despite seeing the scale creep back up on me.

So, with all of this said, I come to you, beloved reader, and ask you what do you think I should do?  Also, words of encouragement are also welcome.  I’d rather not use supplements (although I have been known to use raspberry ketones and pre-workout powder recently), but if any of you know of a decent one, I’ll give it a shot.

Thanks ahead of time for any and all comments.

Convention Panels And Weight Update

Lake Charles, LA

On the weekend of June 20-22, I’ll be at a local convention in the Lake Charles area called Bayoucon.  I’ll be hosting two Doctor Who panels (one on Saturday at 3PM and the other at noon on Sunday).  The Saturday panel will be focused on the Doctor while the Sunday panel will be about the Cybermen.  If any of you happen to be in the area, feel free to come to the Lake Charles Civic Center and check out the panels.  I’ll post photos after the event (and also a review of the convention itself).

It will be nice to attend a convention again.  The last one I attended was the excellent CyPhaCon, also in Lake Charles.  It’s a growing convention, and has done so each year.  Bayoucon is a very small convention, but it brings in a lot of my good friends who I don’t get to see very often.  Sometimes these smaller events are some of the best ones, because you can actually move around the convention center and talk at length with friends.

As far as my weight goes, I’ve lost fifty-one pounds!  I have three pounds to go in order to reach my next goal of 190 lbs, and from there I’ll be shooting for 180 lbs.  After achieving that goal, I’ll slow down a bit on losing weight, and focus more on maintaining and increasing muscle mass.

As always, thanks for reading.  Next time I hope to have a brief review of the latest X-men flick and possibly a look at the recent Darth Maul:  Son of Dathomir comic releases.

A Little Bit Bummed, But There’s Good News As Well!


Lake Charles, LA

I have been wanting to meet Peter Davison, the fifth incarnation of the Doctor from Doctor Who ever since I was a kid watching him on television over thirty years ago.  Davison, while not my first Doctor, is MY Doctor.  He’s the one that I identified with the most and who is my favorite Doctor of all time (and space).

He was announced as a guest for the 2013 Comicpalooza event in Houston, TX last year, but had to cancel.  I was bummed out, but sort of glad that he couldn’t make it because I couldn’t make it either.  Then I found out that he would be there for 2014, and I got extremely excited because, as the gods allowed, I would also be able to make it Houston for Comicpalooza.

Then I found out that events were coming up the very same weekend I hoped to attend Comicpalooza this year and now I’ll miss #5 yet again.  There’s still an extremely slim chance that I might get to go, but I’m not getting my hopes up.  Sooner or later I hope to meet Mr. Davison.  He’s the reason I’m such a huge Who fan to this day.  If any of you have ever met him, please leave a comment and let me know what he’s like. 

Now, I did say that there’s some good news too, so here it is:  I have lost forty-seven pounds of fat since starting my Insanity/Wellness Coaching/Dieting program way back in January.  I started out at a whopping 244 lbs and have whittled my frame down to a more manageable 197 lbs.  As I continue to lose weight I have decided to do something a little bit crazy.  I’m hoping to find a few cosplayers and friends from conventions that I’ve taken photos with in the past and retake new pictures with as many of them as I can.  I want to create a folder on my Facebook page that has all of these photos in it and I’ll probably call it something like Before And After My Fat Fandomness.  A few of the cosplayers and most of the friends will be easy to get photos with, but it will be a challenge to get some of them again, as I haven’t seen a few in quite a long time.

Other good news includes the fact that I’m going to take my daughter to go see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 this weekend.  I’ve already seen the film with my son, but my daughter wants to see it now as well.  That will most likely take place on Sunday afternoon.

Another bit of news is that a convention that I was formerly involved with, Bayoucon, is coming up next month.  It’s a small convention in Lake Charles, LA that will feature an actor from Stargate SG-1 named Cliff Simon (I don’t know much about SG-1, so forgive my ignorance of the gentleman and/or his character) as well as a couple of other actors and behind-the-scenes people.  I’m going as a member of two fan groups, the USS Lafitte and The Doctor Whooligans, and have submitted a panel for the convention as well.  I haven’t heard back from the convention yet, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to present my panel or not.  I am really only going to see a few of my friends who are still involved with the convention and to see the wonderful ladies of Orion’s Envy, a bellydancing troupe from the Lafayette, LA area.  Not only are they talented dancers, they are really friendly people that I always look forward to seeing at conventions.

I’ll give a full report of the convention next month, and I’ll be sure to include photos of the event as well.  Thanks for reading!

Weight Update And A Few Thoughts

Lake Charles, LA

For anyone who might be following my attempt at losing weight, I am currently at 206 lbs.  I started my current weight-loss journey at 244 lbs, so I’m quite proud of myself so far.  I want to make it to two hundred pounds before I dial back on the goals a bit.  When I reach that magical two hundred number, I plan on shooting for ten pound goals until I’m happy with what I see in the mirror every day.

How am I losing the weight?  I’ve been doing Insanity since January (I’m on my second round now) and about two weeks in to my first round I started using the Lose It! app on my phone.  Insanity works, period.  If you apply yourself to it and follow the program, you will see results.  I’ve done Insanity in the past and while I didn’t lose as much weight (I wasn’t really watching what I was eating), my body became more tone and my endurance shot through the roof.

Lose It! was recommended to me by my wellness coach, who is provided through my insurance provider.  She checks on me every three weeks by phone and gives me tips and ideas to help me on my journey.  She has recently started to encourage me to add weight training to my repertoire and I must admit that I’m giving it a lot of thought.  If any of my readers know of some simple weight training plans, I’d love to hear about them in the comments section.

In other business, I’m growing very fond of a small group of Trekkies that I’ve joined.  They are called the USS Lafitte and are based in southwest Louisiana.  I have attended many of their meetings and while I’m not as hardcore when it comes to Trek, it’s nice to be surrounded by people that get me.  I’m completely comfortable nerding out in front of them and they get almost all of my nerdy jokes.  I’m also a member of another local group called the Doctor Whooligans.  I’m a Who fan from over thirty years ago, and this group makes me feel pretty old since most of them are into New Who.  However, the group’s founder hosts monthly meetings focusing on each Doctor from the classic series, and the newbies seem to really enjoy the old stories.  I hope to become more involved with this group as time goes on.

I mentioned Jennifer Lawrence in my last post, and I have to bring her up once again.  There are rumors floating around that a Mystique movie could be coming at some point in the future.  To be honest, I hope that Fox backs off of the X films for a while.  While I love Jennifer Lawrence (and that open invitation to come out at my house with me and my family is still open, Ms. Lawrence), I’m afraid that the X franchise is a bit too excessive, especially in recent years with the seemingly endless amount of Wolverine focused stories (including his solo flicks and the recent anime version).  I want the focus applied to characters like Gambit, Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Banshee, and especially Beast  and Colossus.  While the two latter guys are getting more attention in the newest film, I want some solo adventures from them both.  However, I’ll happily wait three or four years for a really good solo outing from any of these characters instead of one mildly enjoyable flick each year.

Disney has their Marvel properties locked in, and they are doing a brilliant job with them.  They put out more films than Fox and Sony when it comes to Marvel, but the difference is that their films have all been excellent (except for the misfire that was Iron Man 3).

Well, gang, thanks for reading.  I really do want to hear from you on any and every topic, and if you happen to know Jennifer Lawrence, tell her that I would really like to have her check out my blog and/or hang out with me and my family!!!!!



A Few Quick Notes

Lake Charles, LA

I don’t have much to talk about this week.  Good Friday and Easter are upon us, so I hope that everyone has a great weekend.  Hopefully the Easter Bunny will leave all of us something good in our baskets.  I’m hoping for a million bucks and (if I weren’t happily married) Jennifer Lawrence, but I’ll probably just get a couple of pieces of candy and an egg or two.  Oh well, if you’re reading this, Ms. Lawrence, you have an open invitation to hang out at my house for a few days.  My entire family loves you both on the screen and in interviews that we’ve all watched.  You seem like a really down to earth person, and that’s rare in Hollywood these days.

I did manage to see Captain America:  The Winter Soldier this passed weekend and I must say that it was brilliant.  I loved it just as much as the original Cap film, but for different reasons.  The first film made Cap an icon with every single scene and bled patriotism.  It showed an America that needed a hero, and it got one in Cap.  Soldier finds our hero in a new America, where all of our moves are being watched and/or recorded, and he begins to question just how far our country’s defenses should go to keep us all “free.”  It’s actually a very heady film, and I highly recommend it.

As far as my weight goes, I’m at 208 pounds.  Insanity is kicking my butt for a second round and my wellness coach has me eating more veggies.  I’m exploring more foods now, and I would love to hear some of your favorite healthy recipes and snack options.

Have a great Easter weekend, friends, and as always, thanks for reading.

Progress And Nerd Thoughts For The Day

Lake Charles, LA

I’ve dropped a couple of more pounds since starting my second consecutive round of Insanity.  I’m now at 215 lbs.  I started this wild ride at a whopping 244 lbs.  I’m starting to experiment more with my food choices, as I’m starting to drop my caloric intake more with each pound lost.  I use the Lose It! app to log all of my food intake for the day, and I’m nearing the 2000 calorie mark.  I started with an allowed amount of 2379 calories and now I am down to 2221 calories per day.  I know that doesn’t seem like a lot, but considering the fact that I’m averaging 500 or so calories per meal and trying to thin out my snack choices to just veggies and fruits, I don’t have a lot of “breathing” room snacks.  Consider that one banana can run up to 110 calories, and you run out of calories real quick!

I’ve been eating a lot of Asian food lately.  I find it to be very filling for the calories it contains, and it is so varied that I don’t see myself running out of options any time soon.  I’m also fond of Mexican food, but that’s a big no-no for the most part.  I’ve cut out all fast food with the exception of the oatmeal at McDonald’s in the morning and the occasional sub from Subway.  I’ve also eaten a few of the Smart Choices frozen meals, but I’m really not a fan.

I’d love to hear some of your food choices or any advice you can give me on what to eat.  I’m still losing weight and still watching my intake, but it would be great to have even more options than the ones I’ve already discovered.

On the nerd front, I’ve noticed a lot of people on Facebook complain about spoilers.  I’m a huge The Walking Dead fan and one of my favorite things to do is hop on Facebook and discuss the latest episode with friends who also watch it.  I’m part of a group on Facebook called Southern Geek, and we have one specific post that we place comments on that contains spoilers, opinions on the episodes, musings on what might happen next, and your standard nerd discussions on such topics.  This particular post is specifically for those of us who have seen the episode and there is a nice big spoiler alert warning at the top of the post for people to see.  It has worked quite well so far, but I also like sharing memes that are often related to recent episodes on my personal page.  While I don’t post many of them, I will share one on my wall.  I try to share only vague ones, and I haven’t had any complaints yet, but I have to ask:  When exactly are spoilers allowed on Facebook pages?

I know people who are two or three seasons behind on certain shows.  They will often gripe that people shouldn’t post any spoilers on their wall because they are so far behind.  Guess what?  It has been two or three years since whatever episode someone is talking about occurred!  Is it the fault of a person posting that Shane is dead on The Walkind Dead that you haven’t caught that episode yet?  NO!  What about films that have been out for a year or more?  Is there a statute of limitations on them as well?  If I post that Darth Vader is Luke’s father, is that considered a spoiler since it has been common knowledge for nearly forty years????

My point in all of this is that Facebook and other social media sites are SOCIAL.  People will want to talk about their last vacation, recall memories of high school dances, and maybe even share photos of their family.  They also might mention what happened on the last episode of Doctor Who.  Are they out to intentionally ruin your weekend because you were at work when that particular episode ran?  No.  They are being social.  It’s what people do. 

Granted, I personally try to shy away from posting major spoilers for a few weeks after an episode has aired, but sooner or later myself or one of my other friends will mention what happended to Amy and Rory.  It’s up to the person who did not see the episode (at least in my opinion) to do their best to avoid the spoilers.

Okay, I’m off of my soapbox.  Much love and appreciation for reading my ramblings.  Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Looking Like Thor By The Summer

Lake Charles, LA

Thor is a character that I’ve loved since I was a youngster.  He’s never really been the it hero for me, but he’s always flying around with Mjolnir in the background.  What’s not to like about the guy?  He’s a little bit cocky yet still has a down to Earth (technically I think it would be “down to Midgard”) attitude.  He’s handsome, has awesome hair, is totally ripped, and manages to learn something in just about all of his encounters with other heroes, villains, and commoners like myself. 

I will often post photos of Chris Hemsworth’s version of Thor with his shirt off on my Facebook page and jokingly refer to the photo as being one of myself during my Insanity workouts.  Sadly, these faux “selfies” draw more likes and comments than actual photos of myself or of my family!  Oddly enough (but not that surprising), my female FB friends like or comment on these photos the most.  In fact, only one male friend of mine consistently likes these photos and he does so because he’s a nerd like me and gets the joke. 

Now I know that there is no way on God’s green earth that I will ever look even remotely as ripped or as handsome as Chris Hemsworth unless God allows my thin hair to miraculously start sprouting again and he gives me a bank account that will allow me to have a personal trainer and/or major surgery, but I can definitely strive to look like the big guy and keep moving towards that goal.

How do I do it?  By getting off my bottom, exercising (even when my lazy engine is telling me not to), trying my best to eat right, and, most importantly, enjoying my life.  I’ve struggled with my weight for all of my life, and with forty years of age just two years away, I’m finally making a concerted effort to get into shape and possibly add a few more years to my life.

What I have done is set what I call the “idiotic goal” of looking like Thor.  Sounds crazy, right?  But that is my ultimate goal.  I know that it’s almost impossible, but it’s a goal I’ve intentionally set so that reaching smaller goals seems much easier.  It’s a mental trick that I’ve thrust upon myself to keep me motivated.  I’ve set this goal to look like the God of Thunder, but before I reach that goal, I know that there are many smaller goals that I have to achieve first.

I’ve actually reached my first goal, which was to lose twenty-four pounds.  I did that with the help of Insanity, willpower, and good old fashioned support from family and a wellness coach.  With that small goal out of the way, I’ve set my sights on losing twenty more pounds.  I started out as a major fatty at 244 pounds.  220 was my first goal and I reached it.  I’m now at 216 pounds (I’ve actually lost a pound since my last post!), and I have 200 in my target zone.  Once I reach that goal, what will I do next?  My plan is to lose ten more pounds to reach 190 and then another ten to reach 180. 

Why did I drop down to a ten pound goal when I reach 200? Because by losing more weight I’ll have less to lose.  Plus, I’m building muscle the entire time that I’m working out, so eventually I hope to reach a point where gaining weight becomes a good thing due to building muscle. 

So, will I look like Thor by summer?  Probably not, but I do hope to be a little bit skinnier and a lot more healthy.  Who knows?  I might just post a picture when June or July comes around to show you all how much I’ve progressed. 

As always, thanks for reading my rambling thoughts.  I really do appreciate it. If you’re a nerd like me who’s fighting with their weight, or just a nerd in general, please feel free to leave a comment about your own weight struggles or goals.  I won’t mind a little encouragement from anyone either!  If you’re a fitness buff or happen to not be a nerd but might be doing the Insanity program or any other exercise program, I’d love to hear from you in the comments as well.  Maybe we can all look like Thor by summer?!?!?!? 


Insanity, Clif Bars, And Captain America

Lake Charles, LA

For those of you that aren’t exactly personal friends of mine, you might not be aware that I’ve been doing the Insanity exercise program for the last sixty-three days.  Last night was my final night of my first round of Insanity for 2014.  I’ve done Insanity in the past with varying degrees of success.  When I first received the DVD set in the mail, I had a number of start-and-stop rounds until two years ago, when I managed to do three rounds back to back.

Now, doing that many rounds was great for my health, as my endurance shot throught the roof.  However, I did not change my eating habits and I only lost about twenty pounds total.  That’s not very good.  Still, I proved to myself that I could at least complete the program, so I started once again with a lot of start-and-stop rounds until the beginning of this year, when I decided to not only do Insanity, but also change my eating habits.  To date, I’ve lost twenty seven pounds (seven more than I did with three previous round of Insanity without changing my diet) and my BMI has dropped by four points.

I’m quite proud of myself for managing this feat, and I am looking to lose at least seventeen more pounds before I consider myself a real success.

Part of my success came in the form of Clif Bars.  If you don’t know the story of the Clif Bar company, I highly recommend that you check out their website at  Not only does this company keep your health in mind, they also help out the environment.

I enjoy eating Clif Bars as part of my diet each day for the simple fact that I know I’m going to be consuming roughly 240 to 260 calories per bar.  In my line of work, I often find myself in locations where lunch just isn’t an option unless I bring it with me.  Keeping Clif Bars in my backpack helps get me through in situations like this.  I’ve started trying all of their many flavors, and so far I’d say that White Chocolate Macadamia Nut is one of my favorites.  

I’ve also enjoyed the fact that losing twenty seven pounds so far has allowed me to go down a size in clothing.  While I still have plenty of XXL shirts in my closet, I’m once again adding a few XL shirts to the pile.  On top of that, I’ve gone down two sizes on my pants and three slots on my belt.

I’ve recently had my on a couple of Captain America shirts in the XL range.  Why?  Because Captain America:  The Winter Soldier is roughly one month away, and I can’t wait for it to get here!  I have an old XXL Cap Shield shirt that I’m now swimming in, so I definitely need a new one to wear to the movie when I go with my kids.

I’m really excited to see the new Cap film.  The Winter Soldier is one of my favorite characters in Cap’s world, and I can’t wait to see him fleshed out on the big screen.  Once I’ve seen the film, I’ll definitely post a review in my blog.

Well, that’s all for now, true believers.  Thanks for reading.  Feel free to comment below on anything I’ve posted so far, whether it’s losing weight, Clif Bars, or ol’ Cap.