Rank: Top Ten Favorite Tag Teams

“Ohhhh, you didn’t know?????”

Professional wrestling tag teams don’t seem to get nearly as much emphasis these days as they did back in the 1970’s and 80’s. Even with electrifying performers such as the Hardy Boyz, the Young Bucks, and Edge and Christian making an impact in the 2000’s, most modern tag teams are packaged together for a brief stint and then busted up for individual runs at wrestling gold. There are very few teams that stand the test of time. For that reason, the majority of my favorite tag teams are from the 1980’s and 90’s, with just a few exceptions.

As with my previous list, the only criteria that I have for making this list is how much I personally enjoy the wrestlers and how much of an impact they had on my life. Here ya go…..

#10: Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss

Although it currently looks like this duo might be separating soon, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross have been a surprisingly enjoyable tag team to watch. I love the chemistry between them, with Cross becoming unhinged during matches and Bliss pushing all of the right buttons against their competitors. Bliss has had quite a bit of success on her own, and it looks like Cross might be about to get a singles push, hopefully for the Women’s title.

#9: The Fabulous Freebirds

Inventors of the “Freebird Rule,” which allowed any two members of the Freebird stable to defend the tag titles at any time, the trio of Michael “P.S.” Hayes, Terry “Bam Bam” Gordy, and Buddy “Jack” Roberts were definitely trailblazers in the world of tag team wrestling. Hayes loved running his mouth and excelled at agitating audiences and other wrestlers. Their feuds with other stables such as the Von Erichs are the stuff of legend. Other members rotated in and out, but the trio that I fell in love with was that of Hayes, Gordy, and Roberts.

#8: The New Age Outlaws

The “Road Dogg” Jesse James and the “Bad Ass” Billy Gunn formed the New Age Outlaws in the late 90’s as a part of the D-Generation X stable. They were an integral part of my jumping ship from WCW to WWF. James had a mouth on him that few wrestlers can match and Gunn provided the muscle for the duo. After exiting from WWF, the duo would find themselves either at odds with one another or reuniting as the James Gang or the Voodoo Kin Mafia. The pair had a solid run as tag team champions in multiple promotions and also had excellent careers as singles competitors and with other tag team members. They definitely deserve their spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

#7: The Lucha Bros

One of the few modern tag teams that connects with the crowd on a level similar to legends like the Rock N’ Roll Express, the Lucha Bros (Pentagon, Jr. and Fenix) are simply amazing to watch. Whether it’s Fenix flying through the air or walking the ropes to execute a move or Pentagon locking up opponents in submissions, this team is a one-two punch of excitement. Both wrestlers have lengthy and successful singles careers, but their tag team success has been limited to single runs except for their AAA two-time (and current) reign. Hopefully AEW will put the belts on these guys soon!

#6: The Brain Busters

Quite possibly the two toughest guys on this list, Tully Blanchard and Arn Anderson were essentially a pair of powerhouses that pummeled their opponents into submission. Originating in the NWA and founding members of the legendary Four Horsemen stable, Blanchard and Anderson only held championships on three occasions (twice in the NWA and once in the WWF) but were extremely popular and had feuds with other legendary tag teams like the Midnight Express. Anderson would win numerous tag titles with other wrestlers as wold Blanchard, with Blanchard having more success as a singles competitor. Simply put, when you talk about legends, these two guys should come to mind.

#5 Edge and Christian

With seven WWE Tag Team title reigns and numerous singles championships across multiple promotions, Edge and Christian are two of the most decorated guys on this list. Along with the New Age Outlaws, the Hardy Boyz, and Harlem Heat, E&C were one of the final duos to find major success as an established tag team and not just as a couple of wrestlers thrown together to have a title run. With their “Five Second Poses” and the Con-Chair-To, the duo entertained crowds for many years. They also achieved legendary status with the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz in mulitple TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) matches.

#4: Harlem Heat

Although Booker T is probably best known for his singles success, he and Stevie Ray ruled WCW as Harlem Heat. With a record ten WCW Tag Title reigns under their belts, it’s hard to argue that they weren’t the promotion’s greatest tag team. Stevie Ray was the enforcer and Booker T would hit the high spots. They worked in perfect unison and the crowd loved them.

#3: The Hardy Boyz

One of the last pure tag teams in professional wrestling in my opinion, the Hardy Boyz (collectively known as Team Xtreme with Lita), have held no less than twelve tag team titles across multiple promotions. Jeff was the flyer and the innovator while Matt was the stronger wrestler on the ground. They’ve broken up and reunited multiple times over the years and both Matt and Jeff have had massive success as singles competitors, but I’ll always prefer them as a tag team. Lita has also had multiple successful runs as a singles competitor, with four women’s title reigns under her belt.

#2: The Midnight Express

The only reason that these guys are number two on my list is because the number one team were such awesome faces against them. The Midnight Express was the first heel team that I ever loved to hate. There have been numerous members on the team over the years, but the duo of “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey and “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton were my favorites. Their feud with the Rock N’ Roll Express is my favorite feud of all time. With their manager, the legendary Jim Cornette, singing their praises and often interfering in matches, these guys were simply amazing. I really hated these guys, but they were so much fun to watch!

#1: The Rock N’ Roll Express

No team in the history of professional wrestling had as much of an impact on my childhood as the Rock N’ Roll Express did. Sure, other teams might have won more titles, but none of them ever triggered waves of excitement in me like Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton did. I watched their matches religiously and cheered them on as they battled teams like the Midnight Express and the Fantastics. They were literally legends fighting legends in their heyday. The duo are still active on the wrestling circuit, most recently being a part of the new Billy Corgan version of the NWA (and winning the tag titles for a ninth time). They were innovators, high flyers, and the precursor to future flyers like The Rockers, the Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian, and the Young Bucks. Modern tag team wrestling owes these guys everything!

Honorable mentions:

Like my previous list, there are plenty of other tag teams that I could have listed in this ranking. Honorable mentions go out to the Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane), the Road Warriors, the Fantastics, the Dudley Boyz, the Motor City Machine Guns, and the Rock n’ Sock Connection.

Let me know who you’re favorite tag teams are in the comments section. There’s no wrong answer, so don’t be afraid to list any teams that might not be that well known. Heck, I could have listed a few independent teams such as the Pump Patrol and Hawkx Aerie, so feel free to list all of your favorites.

As always, thanks for reading my post. I’ll have another one coming up real soon!

Rank: Top Ten Favorite Professional Wrestlers

Are you ready???

This is one of the toughest lists that I’ve ever had to put together. I grew up with professional wrestling on the family television every Sunday morning and/or afternoon and watched it religiously. Mid-South Wrestling introduced me to some of the greatest heels and faces in professional wrestling. Ric Flair, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Junkyard Dog, One Man Gang, Kamala, Eddie Gilbert, and Koko B. Ware are just a few of the wrestlers that stepped into the ring for Mid-South.

In college, the Monday Night Wars were at their peak, and myself and a number of friends were firmly in the WCW Monday Nitro camp, only flipping over to WWF during commercial breaks or during dull moments on Nitro. Eventually, WWF Monday Night Raw won me over and I began watching that program regularly. My interest in WWE has waned over the years (although I still enjoy it from time to time) and I often find myself watching other wrestling programs such as NWA Powerrr, Impact, and Reality Of Wrestling.

Throughout my life I have attended live professional wrestling events. From independent shows in high school gyms to WCW house shows and even a few live Raw events, I’ve seen wrestling on every level in person. I’ve met a few wrestlers over the years as well including Lita, Brutus Beefcake, Thunder Rosa, the Bushwhackers, Public Enemy, and multiple independent wrestlers. I’ve also read numerous issues of wrestling publications such as Pro Wrestling Illustrated and the now defunct WOW (World Of Wrestling).

Basically, I love professional wrestling and everything good and bad about it. With that being said, I struggled to figure out exactly who I should put on this list. I decided that I wouldn’t establish any specific criteria for putting wrestlers on my list. Instead, I’d go with how much I personally love each wrestler and their impact on me. This means that my list will include wrestlers from the independent circuit all the way up to the major league stars of WWE, WCW, NWA, etc. and most people will not agree with my list. This isn’t a popularity list. It’s a personal list and a love letter to all of my favorite wrestlers over the years.

The List:

#10: Isaiah “Izzy” James

Along with his valet, the Insidious One (more on her later), Isaiah James has ripped his way through a number of independent wrestling promotions. I was first introduced to him and “Sid” at a Hurricane Pro Wrestling show in Beaumont, TX. At the time he was billed as The Unholy One, and I bought his gimmick completely. I’ve been a fan ever since and see nothing but good things ahead for him and Sid.

#9: Diamond Dallas Page

Diamond Dallas Page’s rise to fame is an inspirational story. He fought tooth and nail to make it to the top and never let any setbacks, including destroying his back, stop him. Today he is the face and founder of DDP Yoga, an exercise program that I am currently using to better myself. Say what you want about Randy Orton’s RKO, but the Diamond Cutter will always be one of the greatest finishers in the business!

#8: Rick Steiner

The Dog-Faced Gremlin, Rick Steiner, was and always will be my favorite Steiner brother. Much like DDP, Rick Steiner comes across as a workhorse. It always seemed that Rick was in his brother’s shadow despite, at least in my opinion, being a better worker and a more interesting personality. I wish that Rick Steiner could have achieved bigger and better things, but he’s tops in my heart.

#7: Lance Storm

Much like a number of other wrestlers on this list, Lance Storm never seemed to get the push that he deserved. Definitely one of the most technically proficient wrestlers in the business, Storm found success in ECW and eventually some solid recognition in WCW. He started off the WCW takeover of WWE whenever Vince bought out WCW, and he was put on the backburner for pretty much the rest of his in-ring career. Lance Storm definitely deserved better, no matter how serious he might be in the ring.

#6: Shawn Michaels

Say what you want about the Heartbreak Kid’s attitude and his behind-the-scenes politics, you cannot deny that he knew how to fire up a crowd. Controversial, cocky, and seemingly having too much fun in the ring, HBK’s Sweet Chin Music was nothing more than a superkick, but it got a pop every single time he applied it to his opponents. Along with Triple H, HBK ignited the Monday Night Wars with D-Generation X, a faction that continued to flourish even after his exit from the ring.

#5: Triple H

Whether it was the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Randy Orton, or whoever else was at the top of the WWE charts, Triple H managed to be a massive thorn in their side. Like DDP, Triple H has come back more than once from career-ending injuries. Whether you like him or not, you cannot deny how much work the guy put in night after night to get to the top of the WWE roster. Triple H was and still is a beast, and his wrestling pedigree is definitely not in question.

#4: Thunder Rosa

The NWA’s current women’s champion has a special place in my heart. I found her on the independent circuit as Thunder Rosa, but she also found success in the ring for Lucha Underground as Kobra Moon and as Serpentine. I’ve met Thunder Rosa on a couple of occasions and she is not only one of the friendliest professional wrestlers that you’ll ever meet, she’s also very interactive with her fans on social media. Her match with Mercedes Martinez at the second Hurricane Pro Ladies Night Out event is one of the greatest matches that I’ve ever witnessed live or on television. She’s going places, and I wish her the best of luck.

#3: Junkyard Dog

This is where things start to get tough. JYD could be number one on this list any day of the week, but there are a couple of other wrestlers that he has to compete with for that top spot in my heart. I used to imitate JYD as a child while wrestling with my father in the living room (much to my mother’s dismay). From what I’ve learned over the years, JYD had a massive heart to go along with all of those muscles, and he’ll always be one of my favorite faces.

#2: Sting

I grew up watching the multi-colored face of Sting every Sunday. He was the young upstart that grabbed the attention of the audience. Established stars battled him day in and day out but had a hard time winning over the fans against him. In his later years with WCW, Sting would take on the Crow paint and hang out in the rafters. This version of Sting was still great, but my favorite version will always be the one with the loud paint and brightly colored tights.

#1: Hacksaw Jim Duggan

I met this “Tough Guy” when I was eight years old. I shook Hacksaw’s massive hand and walked back to my chair starstruck. Hacksaw always came across as the regular guy who became a massive star. He looked like the fellows that my dad worked with every day. He’s an every man and I love that fact. Hacksaw is my champion and he always will be my champion. Even when he joined up with Team Canada, I loved the guy. Hacksaw could do no wrong, and I hope to meet him again soon in order to get a photo and an autograph.

Honorable mentions:

Like I said, this list was tough to create, and I left a few people out of my list that definitely deserve a spot in my Top Twenty. The Insidious One, Izzy James’ valet, has one of the coolest entrances in the business, crawling around like a spider into the ring. I’ve never witnessed her in a match live, but I’ve watched plenty of her matches on the web.

Other honorable mentions include Lita, “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, Kane, Willie Mack, and Terry Taylor.

I could list more, but I would never be able to find a stopping point. Let me know some of your favorite wrestlers in the comments section!

I’m thinking about creating another list featuring my favorite tag teams. That one should be a lot easier to build as there have only been a few tag teams that really had any impact on me.

As always, thanks for reading. I’ve got a couple of toy reviews coming up soon and maybe a comic review as well.

Hurricane Pro: Unleashed

Ford Park Exhibit Hall, Beaumont, TX

Hurricane Pro’s latest event, Unleashed, went down on Saturday, February 22nd. It featured seven solid matches and one of the biggest crowds that I’ve witnessed at an HP show.

Things started off quickly with the first of three title defense matches. Reigning Cruiserweight Champion, Bu Ku Dao, successfully defended his belt against the more-than-capable Barrett Brown. In fact, Brown dominated the match early and never really lost momentum until late in the match. I have a feeling that he’ll be back at HP soon enough.

Next up was Tama Ku in a handicap match. Ku is undefeated so far and has won all of his matches in dominating style. Saturday night was no different, as challengers Bobby Black and Jet Danger generated almost no offense against Tama Ku. With directions from his valet, Stacey Rae, Ku easily defeated Black and Danger (who apparently go by the collective name of JetBlack). Hopefully they’ll return to HP in a more even match. For now, it looks as if no one can stop Tama Ku.

Edgrin Stone and Justing “Bulldog” Walker faced off next, with Stone constantly taunting Walker for being an old man. Walker held his own at first, but a miscue involving his dog chain cost him the match.

Following Stone and Walker were Fortune 5K and the Pump Patrol. Fortune 5K were in town hoping to steal away the Tag Team Championship from the Pump Patrol, but Jared Wayne and Curt Matthews were more than ready to defend their belts against Reginald Gates and Nathan Bradley. The match was uneven from the start, as the Pump Patrol took control early on and despite one sequence in which Fortune 5K cornered and abused Jared Wayne for an extended amount of time. There was also a lot of humor in this match, especially when Gates and Bradley attempted to mimic some of the Pump Patrol’s signature moves.

Heather Monroe and Gino Medina squared off in an intergender match next. Gino immediately drew heel heat from everyone. I even loudly blurted out “Gino, you suck!” and he singled me out in the crowd. We had a brief but funny face-off but he eventually headed into the ring. When Heather entered the arena, the crowd popped hard for her. As the match ensued, Gino endured numerous “Gino Sucks” chants (some of which may have been started by yours truly), and attempted to get Heather’s personal photographer to take some bad photos of her. He also tried to steal kisses from her but failed miserably. In the end, Heather came out as the victor and Gino had to go to the back and ice down his tenders.

The next match of the evening was intended to put an end to the feud between Great Sexy Love (The Great Ones, Sexy Steve DeMarco, and Loverboy Nate Andrews) and the New Warriors (Make Your Own Path, Jordan Jensen, and Don Rodrigo). Instead, the match only fueled the hatred between them even more. The stable match was chaotic from the opening bell and Hurricane Pro referee supreme, Radio, had a hard time of settling down the competitors. Jordan Jensen eventually penned Steve DeMarco for the win, but this feud is far from over in my opinion.

The final match of the evening saw reigning Hurricane Pro Heavyweight Champion, Ruthless Ryan Davidson, defend his title against Super Tex Brent McKenzie. McKenzie appeared to be nervous at the beginning of the match, but he quickly began breaking Davidson down. After a number of massive power moves by both men, Davidson finally penned Super Tex for the win and his first successful HP title defense.

Here’s a summary of the night’s matches:

Bu Ku Dao (C) defeated Barrett Brown in a Cruiserweight Title Match.

Tama Ku defeated JetBlack (Bobby Black and Jet Danger) in a Handicap Match.

Edgrin Stone defeated Justin “Bulldog” Walker.

The Pump Patrol (C) defeated Fortune 5K in a Tag Team Title Match.

Heather Monroe defeated Gino Medina in an Intergender Match.

The New Warriors defeated Great Sexy Love in a Stable Match.

Ruthless Ryan Davidson (C) defeated Super Tex Brent McKenzie in a Heavyweight Title Match.

The next event will take place in May. The exact date was announced, but I didn’t take note of it. Once Hurricane Pro announces the date on their Facebook page, I’ll be sure to let everyone know here.

As always, thanks for reading my post. I’ll be posting again real soon!

Hurricane Pro: Queens of the Ring II

Ford Park Exhibit Hall, Beaumont, TX

Despite nasty weather, a solid crowd showed up for Hurricane Pro Wrestling’s Queens of the Ring II. The evening’s match ups were broadcast live on Title Match Network on their YouTube channel. There were seven matches in all and all of them were excellent.

Along with a few familiar favorites, Hurricane Pro offered up some new faces throughout the evening. Vert Vixen, Tesha Price, Riley X Paris, Veda Scott, Amber Rodriguez, and Madi Wrenkowski all made their debut appearances at QOTR2. I also believe that this was Ivelisse’s first appearance at a Hurricane Pro event.

The night’s action started off with a solid match between Amber Nova and Madi Wrenkowski. Wrenkowski held her own with Amber throughout the match, but Nova’s speed and veteran skills eventually pulled through and gave her the win.

Amber Nova.

Next up was a triple threat match featuring the HP debuts of Vert Vixen and Amber Rodriguez and the return of fan favorite, Alex Gracia. Much like in her previous match at Hurricane Pro, Alex seemed to stay on her heels for most of the time but she eventually sprang into action. She unleashed a 619 on Vert Vixen and appeared to be poised for the win, but Vixen had plans of her own and won the match in commanding fashion.

Next up was a battle of wits between Simone Sherie and Veda Scott. The duo fought a fairly even match that ended with Sherie taking the victory. Scott had a sweet interaction with a young fan just prior to the match when she asked a young girl to hold her glasses for her.

Once the dust settled from the Sherie/Scott contest, Will Allday entered the ring full of swagger. He answered Miranda Alize’s open challenge on social media with a very hilarious video and planned to teach her a lesson in the ring. After a very entertaining match, Alize came out on top but not without controversy. During the match, Allday knocked the referee unconscious, which in turn caused Miranda’s first successful pin of Allday to be missed. The pair struggled some more and Allday exited the ring to grab a chair. Regaining consciousness, the referee stopped Will from using the chair but he didn’t see Alize spit a red mist in Allday’s face, costing him the match. Something tells me that these two still have a few more matches left between them.

Ivelisse locks up Rok-C.

The next match of the evening was my personal favorite. Former Lucha Underground star and current Shine Women’s Champ, Ivelisse, battled the young star that everybody has an eye on, Rok-C. Ivelisse successfully defended her Ladies Night Out championship against Rok-C, and there’s no doubt in my mind that Rok-C gained a ton of knowledge from the amazing veteran.

Tesha Price and Riley X Paris battled it out after the Ivelisse/Rok-C match. While Paris put up a decent fight, Price stayed in control for almost the entire bout. I was very surprised by Price, and hope that she returns to Hurricane Pro again in the near future.

Second only to the Ivelisse/Rok-C battle was the main event of the evening. Heather Monroe defended her HP Women’s Championship against Hell’s Favorite Harlot, Priscilla Kelly. Say what you want about the Killer Bae, but Heather Monroe has accepted all challenges for her belt and has successfully defended it each time. This Saturday’s match was no different, as she successfully defeated Kelly in a match that included a ton of interaction with the fans. Kelly had most of the crowd on her side, but Monroe loyalists such as myself recognized that the champion would not be defeated this evening.

After the final bell rang, most of the ladies came out to visit with the crowd. I got a photo and autograph from both Priscilla Kelly and Heather Monroe. I tried to get a photo with Ivelisse, but she wasn’t around until after I already left. Hopefully I’ll catch her next time, as she’s one of my favorite wrestlers.

Hurricane Pro’s next event is scheduled for February 22nd. It looks like the New Warriors and Great Sexy Love will put an end to their feud at this event. The first match has already been announced, and will feature the reigning Hurricane Pro Cruiserweight Champion, Bu Ku Dao, facing off against Barrett Brown.

If you’re in the southeast Texas/southwest Louisiana area, be sure to check out a Hurricane Pro event. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading my post. I’ll have plenty of things to talk about in the very near future!

All non-action photos taken from the Hurricane Pro Facebook page. All other photos taken by myself, except for the two photos that I’m in, which were taken by my daughter.

Hurricane Pro: Glory & Pain

12/28/19, Ford Park Exhibit Hall, Beaumont, TX

My daughter and I attended the latest Hurricane Pro event, Glory & Pain, over the weekend. Of all of the HP events that I’ve attended, this was definitely one of the best ones. There were title changes, wrestler debuts, and even a good ol’ fashion slobberknocker involving members of Great Sexy Love and The New Warriors.

Things got pretty heated right away with the Pump Patrol defending their HP Tag Team belts against a young tag team new to Hurricane Pro, The Millennials. Brendan Divine and Daniel Moon entered the exhibit hall on their phones, checking their Twitter feed, posting selfies on Instagram, and updating their status across social media. They immediately drew heel heat from the crowd, setting up a big pop for Curt Matthews and Jared Wayne when they entered the arena. The duo handled the Millennials easily, but the match was extremely fun to watch. Divine and Moon fed off of the crowd as did Matthews and Wayne. When the match was over, Pump Patrol left victorious and the Millennials took time to post another selfie before leaving the arena.

Next up was Avarice and Ricardo Cage (of Make Your Own Path) versus the monster, Tama Ku. Led to the ring by the lovely Stacey Rae, Tama Ku toyed with Avarice and Ricardo Cage until he was given the command to end the fight by Stacey Rae. I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to Tama Ku’s family, and while I cheered on Avarice and Ricardo Cage, they booed me and cheered for Ku. It was a pretty great moment.

After Ku cleared the ring, the cruiserweight belt was put on the line by Jonny Flex against fan favorite, Bu Ku Dao. A new belt was was revealed to the audience, and Jonny immediately grabbed hold of it. Unluckily for him, he didn’t get to hold the new belt for very long as Bu Ku Dao ended up defeating Flex for the title. It was a shock for the fans, but everyone was glad to see Bu Ku when the strap. Flex, as always, drew major heel heat from the audience and Bu Ku babyfaced his way to victory.

Next up was the Hurricane Pro debut of Johnny O’Mara. Hailing from Shamrock, TX, O’Mara took on local favorite, Alex Lane, of Make Your Own Path. The duo squared off for a very entertaining bout. Lane won the match, but both of these guys took a beating. I look forward to seeing O’Mara return in the future.

My ugly face next to the Hurricane Pro Women’s champ, Heather Monroe.
Photo taken by my patient and lovely daughter

The next match saw another belt on the line as former Hurricane Pro Women’s champ Miranda Alize (who was recently on AEW) took on the Pink Dream, Alex Gracia, and the Killer Bae, reigning HP Women’s Champion, Heather Monroe. Early in the match it appeared as if Miranda had things under control. Monroe spent a little time outside of the ring while Miranda and Gracia battled one another. Soon enough, Monroe was back in the ring and it was touch-and-go between her and Miranda for a bit. Then, out of nowhere, Alex Gracia flew off of the top turnbuckle and took control of the match. I honestly believed that she was going to take home the gold, but Heather Monroe’s sly ring knowledge gave her the edge in the end. She retained her title and will defend it yet again on January 18th for Queens of the Ring II.

Photo taken by Ken Fontenot

The final match of the evening was a six man gauntlet match for the Hurricane Pro Heavyweight Championship. Things started off with defending champion Jordan Jensen against the man that all of Beaumont loves to hate, Ashton Jacobs. As always, Jacobs drew insane heel heat, but he was ultimately dispatched by Jordan. The third contender in the match, Sexy Steve DeMarco, was attacked by Jordan Jensen before he could even get into the ring. If you’ve been following Hurricane Pro recently, you know that Jensen and DeMarco have had a major feud going as of late. DeMarco’s entourage, Great Sexy Love, has been infiltrating HP events for a few months now, and in response, Jordan has created the New Warriors.

When the match started to go south for Sexy Steve, one of his cohorts, Loverboy Nate Andrews, flew into the ring and began assaulting Jordan Jensen. Then more members of GSL, the Great Ones, decided that they would enter the fray as well. Soon enough, Don Rodrigo and Make Your Own Path entered the ring to help Jordan. Things came to a head when almost everyone from the back came out to battle GSL.

General Manager Richard Cranium came out and stopped the match. He booted both Jordan Jensen and Sexy Steve DeMarco from the competition. This action cost Jordan his belt, and I’m sure that we haven’t seen the last of DeMarco or the rest of Great Sexy Love.

New Hurricane Pro Heavyweight Champion Ryan Davidson.
Photo taken by Ken Fontenot

With Jensen eliminated, the three remaining men in the gauntlet were guaranteed a shot at the title. Those three men were J Spade, Ruthless Ryan Davidson, and the massive Edgrin Stone. Spade and Davidson battled first. Their match was extremely fun to watch as both of them won over the crowd. Spade ultimately fell to Davidson, and the final man in the gauntlet, Stone, entered the ring. He and Davidson battled as only two heavyweights can, with strength move after strength move and even a few finesse moves. The match looked as if it could go either way but in the end, Ryan Davidson got the edge on Edgrin and was crowned the new HP Heavyweight Champ.

On January 18th at Ford Park Exhibit Hall, Hurricane Pro returns with more action. This time around it will be an all ladies affair as Queens of the Ring II will take place. I’m especially excited for this event. If it’s anything like the first QOTR event put on by Hurricane Pro, it’s going to be a must-see event.

Here is a list of announced matches so far:

  • Women’s Champion Match: Killer Bae Heather Monroe (Champion) versus Hell’s Favorite Harlot Priscilla Kelly (Challenger)
  • Simone Sherie versus Veda Scott
  • Amber Nova versus Madi Wrenkowski
  • Ivelisse versus Rok-C

Also in action will be Tesha Price and Miranda Alize. They’ve been announced to appear but have not been listed in a match yet. I have never seen Price, Sherie, Wrenkowski, or Scott in action, so it will be nice to see some new faces (at least to me) in the ring. Kelly has been in action at HP before against Rok-C, who has been stunning in the ring every time that I’ve seen her perform. Amber Nova brings her high octane brand of wrestling back to HP and for fans of Lucha Underground, Ivelisse is no stranger.

There’s no telling who else might show up for QOTR II. All I do know is that this is going to be an exciting event. Be sure to check out Hurricane Pro on Facebook and keep an eye out for my post after this event!

Thanks for reading. Tomorrow I’ll be doing an End of the Year post. I hope you return to check it out!

All images are taken from the Hurricane Pro Facebook page except where noted.

Powerrr Up!

On The Web And In The Ring

I grew up in the 80’s watching Mid-South Wrestling. Mid-South was just one of the many territorial professional wrestling promotions organized under the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) banner. The NWA experienced multiple highs and lows over its existence and until the late 1980’s, it was the top promotion in North America. Without going too deep into the NWA’s history, many of its member promotions succumbed to the popularity of the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE) and it was eventually purchased by Billy Corgan (yes, of the Smashing Pumpkins) in 2017.

NWA owner Billy Corgan.

Corgan has steadily expanded the NWA brand, bringing in a mixture of established talent and young, hungry newcomers. He cross promoted with Ring of Honor, Championship Wrestling of Hollywood, and other promotions and continued to grow the brand. Beginning in October of 2019, the promotion began showing NWA Powerrr on YouTube and FITE TV.

David Marquez, Nick Aldis, and Kamille.

The series is a throwback to classic NWA television programming. It features matches recorded before a live studio audience and includes interviews, comedic segments during commercial breaks, and has featured tweets from the general public and popular wrestlers such as Adam Copeland (Edge) and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Thunder Rosa, Melina, and Marti Belle.

The program usually features four or five matches including the occasional championship defense. Commentary is handled by Joe Galli and, at least until last week, Jim Cornette. Cornette resigned after fans complained about remarks that he made during the 11/19 episode. The remarks have since been edited out of the episode. David Marquez is the announcer and an interviewer as well.

Marquez, Mr. Anderson, and Eli Drake.

There is a lot of banter between the audience and the wrestlers. The constant back-and-forth between the crowd and the stars is reminiscent of the loud and raucous episodes of Mid-South and other old promotions prior to the breaking of kayfabe. Kayfabe has lost a lot of its magic thanks to the internet, but NWA somehow manages to maintain some of that old school feel where everything was real and not staged. (Not sure what “kayfabe” is? Check out a detailed description here.)

Kamille and Nick Aldis.

NWA Powerrr has brought fun back to mainstream professional wrestling. It’s something that has been sorely missed in my opinion. I actually laugh out loud multiple times during the show. That, at least to me, shows just how excellent the roster is for NWA. All of the wrestlers can work the mic and work in the ring. Even though I’ve seen many of these wrestlers live at independent events and on television and have talked on numerous occasions to some of them in person, I buy into their characters while I’m watching the show.

Allysin Kay.

Specifically, I’ve had conversations at events with Ricky Starks and Thunder Rosa. Starks might be a cocky and brash wrestler with some of the best mic skills that I’ve ever seen in my forty-plus years, but in person, he’s one of the friendliest guys you could ever meet. Thunder Rosa is straight up sinister on NWA Powerrr, but I’ve rarely found a wrestler that is as loyal to their fans as she is to her followers. I’ve also seen Trevor Murdoch, Mr. Anderson, the Rock N’ Roll Express, James Storm, and Homicide in live action, and all of these guys have what it takes to keep NWA going for a long time.

Ricky Starks.

The rest of the roster is simply amazing. Nick Aldis, who is almost always seen with Kamille by his side, looks like a throwback NWA champion. While I won’t say that he’s Ric Flair, I will say that he has the same chiseled physique that Flair had in his NWA prime. The Wildcards (Royce Isaacs and Thomas Latimer) draw major heat from the crowd. The only other tag team in NWA’s lineup that might draw more heat, heel heat, would be the Dawsons (Dave and Zane). Much like Aldis, the Dawsons have a classic look to them that reminds me of some of the old school tag teams. Tim Storm, who had a legendary 400-plus day reign as the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, serves as a bridge between the classic NWA and the new look NWA. Storm is big and strong, and knows how to work extremely well.

Tim Storm.

The Women’s division is headed up by the capable Allysin Kay, the current NWA World Women’s Champion. She’s met a massively popular foe in Thunder Rosa. Despite having watched Thunder Rosa for a few years now, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen be as mean as she is in NWA. With Thunder Rosa is Marti Belle. Belle used to be Kay’s friend, but she quickly turned heel whenever Thunder Rosa arrived on the scene. I look forward to the feud between Thunder Rosa, Belle, and Kay, who appears to have formed a friendship with Ashley Vox, a scrappy wrestler that I remember as being a part of the Sea Stars tag team.

Ashley Vox.

Other stars on the roster include Eli Drake, Jocephus, Colt Cabana, Crystal Rose, the legendary Rock N’ Roll Express, Eddie Kingston, the Question Mark, Melina, and more.

Colt Cabana, Joe Galli, and Mr. Anderson.

If you haven’t checked out NWA Powerrr yet, do so. You won’t regret it. I actually prefer NWA Powerrr over all of the WWE, AEW, and ROH shows. It’s fun, action-packed, and brings me back to Sunday afternoons watching the Rock N’ Roll Express whip up on the Midnight Express.

As always, thanks for reading. Here’s a list of the current NWA champions as of 11/26/19 and prior to the release of the newest episode of NWA Powerrr:

  • Worlds Heavyweight Champion: Nick Aldis
  • World Women’s Champion: Allysin Kay
  • World Tag Team Champions: The Wildcards
  • National Heavyweight Champion: Colt Cabana

Hurricane Pro 8/24/2019

The Great Sexy Love Invasion Continues…

Two months ago, Sexy Steve De Marco and his Great Sexy Love Stable made their presence known at Hurricane Pro Wrestling. They stormed the ring during the main event between HPW Champion Jordan Jensen and “SuperTex” Brent McKenzie and declared that they were going to take over HPW. In July, things ran rather smoothly for HPW’s Queens of the Ring event as GSL didn’t show up at all.

But HPW’s August show was a different matter….

Photo by Chad Cooper

Great Sexy Love arrived in full force, making their presence known by challenging for belts, disrupting matches, and basically stirring up as much mayhem as possible. While their antics outside of the ring drew a ton of heat from the crowd, their work in the ring left all but one of them in Loser column for the evening.

Photo by Chad Cooper

The highlight of the evening was for the Hurricane Pro Championship. Worthy challenger and all around monster in the ring, Edgrin Stone battled Jordan Jensen in one of the best matches of the evening. Jensen retained his title but his celebration was cut short as GSL attempted to close out the evening on a sour note. Thankfully Jensen had backup waiting for anything that might happen and Make Your Own Path and Don Rodrigo arrived just in time to prevent Jordan from getting another beatdown by GSL.

Photo by Chad Cooper

Here’s a breakdown of the evening’s matches:

GSL’s Loverboy Nate Andrews lost to Ryan Davidson.

Billy Fletcher III and Estrella Galactica’s match ended in a no contest when both were savagely attacked by an unknown wrestler.

Photo by Chad Cooper

Ricky Starks lost to Miranda Alize in an intergender match.

Photo by Chad Cooper

Johnny Flexx upset defending champion Don Rodrigo for the HPW Cruiserweigt championship after interference from GSL’s Punk’n Morrigan.

GSL’s The Great Ones fell to defending HPW Tag Team Champions The Pump Patrol despite attempted interference from Nate Andrews and Punk’n Morrigan.

Photo by Chad Cooper

Bu Ku Dao lost to defending multi-belt champion Sexy Steve De Marco (GSL’s only victory of the evening).

Photo by Chad Cooper

Edgrin Stone lost to defending HPW Champion Jordan Jensen.

While all of the matches were excellent, the matches between Ricky Starks and Miranda Alize and the Stone/Jensen battle were outstanding. Stone and Jensen were well matched and hopefully they forged a bond as friends since Stone would definitely add some bulk to HPW’s lineup as they continue their battle against GSL. Starks and Alize provided one of the funniest and most violent matches of the evening, with Starks repeating slamming Alize into the guardrail and Alize exposing Starks’ posterior and getting a face full of backside as a result.

Next month’s event promises to be a good one as newly crowned HPW Women’s Champion Heather Monroe returns to Beaumont to defend her belt for the first time at Ford Park. Her opponent hasn’t been announced yet. According to HPW’s Facebook page, rematches and international debuts are also going to occur. I’m sure that Great Sexy Love will also be returning to stir up trouble. I’ll be sure to let you know all of the results right here next month!

Thanks for reading. If you’re local to the southwest Louisiana/southeast Texas area, I highly recommend checking out Hurricane Pro wrestling. They provide excellent independent wrestling action and have brought in some of professional wrestling’s best athletes like Thunder Rosa, Brian Cage, Chelsea Green, and Masada!

Queens Of The Ring!

Hurricane Pro Wrestling, Beaumont, TX

On Saturday, July 27th, my daughter and I made the hour plus journey to Beaumont, TX for what has become a monthly ritual for my family. We attended Hurricane Pro’s Queens of the Ring event at the Ford Park Exhibit Hall. The show featured five matches that offered up some of the best female wrestlers on the independent scene and a sixth match featuring an intergender battle. I’ll talk about that particular match in a little bit.

Photo taken from Hurricane Pro’s Facebook page.

Here’s a breakdown of the matches:

Phoebe defeated Renegade Wrestling Vixen champion Raychell Rose in a non-title match.

Photo by Chad Cooper (posted on Facebook)

Heather Monroe defeated Alex Gracia in a Hurricane Pro Women’s Championship Number One Contender’s Match.

Photo by Chad Cooper (posted on Facebook)

Thunder Rosa defeated Mercedes Martinez.

Photo by Chad Cooper (posted on Facebook)

Defending champion Hyan defeated Amber Nova in a Sabotage World Championship match.

Priscilla Kelly defeated Rok-C.

Defending champion Miranda Alize defeated Joey Ryan in a Hurricane Pro Women’s Championship match.

Photo by Chad Cooper (posted on Facebook)

Heather Monroe wins the Hurricane Pro Women’s Championship in an unscheduled match against Miranda Alize.

Photo by Chad Cooper (posted on Facebook)

In all honesty the win by Heather Monroe was a shocker to me. Alize has held the Women’s Championship for just over a year now (also the first to win the title) and I didn’t expect Monroe to challenge her so quickly for the it. Alize is a local fan favorite and I was surprised by her loss of the title. That being said, Monroe has definitely draws plenty of heat from the crowd. It’s almost as if the fans are still trying to decide whether or not Monroe is a heel or a face and that uncertainty makes her fun to watch.

Photo by Chad Cooper (posted on Facebook)

The match of the evening in my opinion was the battle between Thunder Rosa and Mercedes Martinez. Martinez, an independent wrestling veteran that definitely knows her way around the ring, gave Thunder Rosa all that she could handle. The match lasted over twenty minutes and featured humorous moments such as a dance-off and the most brutal moves of the evening including a wicked powerbomb. The match is available to watch for free on YouTube here.

Photo by Chad Cooper (posted on Facebook)

Of course, all of the talk has been about the match between Miranda Alize and Joey Ryan. Ryan, who has a reputation for being quite controversial, pulled out plenty of his old tricks including lollipops and his signature move, the d!ck flip during the match, but Miranda managed to defeat him in a solid match that leaned heavy on humor. Alize pulled off some brilliant moves on Ryan and got in a few cheap shots of her own against him. The match is available here on Title Match Network’s YouTube channel. All but one of the rest of the evening’s matches are also available on the channel.

Photo by Chad Cooper (posted on Facebook)

The rest of the evening’s matches were excellent. Due to an apparent legitimate injury, the bout between Rok-C and Priscilla Kelly was cut short. Like Joey Ryan, Kelly has gained a bit of notoriety due to her actions in recent matches. Rok-C is a young and hungry talent who has nowhere to go but up. I was hoping to see more of this pair battling it out, but the injury to Kelly abruptly ended the match.

Hyan brutalized Amber Nova. Nova drew a ton of heat from the crowd but Hyan, one of the best heels on the independent circuit in my opinion, won over the crowd by being her typical nasty self. I don’t know very much about Nova, but I was quite impressed by her skills in the ring. Hyan continues to impress me and seems to get better with each match.

Heather Monroe and Alex Gracia put on an excellent match. The duo worked well together and sold each others moves with near perfection. This was the second time that I got to see both of these women live and they are extremely fun to watch.

Photo by Chad Cooper (posted on Facebook)

Raychell Rose and Phoebe opened up the show with a solid performance. Both have wrestled for Hurricane Pro in the past. Rose battled it out in a three way match with Rok-C and Alex Gracia last month and Phoebe was the first competitor to enter the ring in last year’s inaugural Women’s Championship gauntlet match. Phoebe is a fan favorite and Rose has quickly drawn massive heel heat from the crowd. I hope that both of these ladies return in the near future.

Oh, and I got a photo with my favorite wrestler, Thunder Rosa!

Photo taken by my daughter

Hurricane Pro returns to the Ford Park Exhibit Hall on August 24th. The first match to be announced is Sexy Steve De Marco versus fan favorite Bu Ku Dao. De Marco brutalized current Hurricane Pro Champion Jordan Jensen at June’s show and revealed his Great Sexy Love stable to the crowd. They have big plans to dominate Hurricane Pro, but Jensen definitely has a few plans of his own.

Thanks for reading this post. Get more information on Hurricane Pro on their Facebook page. I’ve also included links to the wrestlers’ fan pages on Facebook except for Alex Gracia, Miranda Alize, and Hyan. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like any of these ladies have fan pages yet. Feel free to share this post with your friends!

It’s October, Ghoulies!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Last year I tried and failed to watch and review thirty-one horror films in thirty-one days in celebration of Halloween.  This year I’m very happy to have an excuse to not do that this year.  Why?  Because I’m going to be busy having way too much fun.  I have something planned for every weekend this month (in some cases, more than one event) and will have plenty of things to cover up to and including Halloween itself.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the many things that I’ll be doing over the course of this month.  I’m also including a few events that I won’t be able to make but want to include because they’ll be just as awesome as the things I will be able to attend.


This weekend I will be attending the Lake Charles Film Festival.  The festivities kickoff on Friday evening at 5:30 at the Brimstone Museum in Sulphur, LA with a screening of Tarzan of the Apes, the first Tarzan film which happened to be shot on location in Morgan City, LA.  The festival will then spread out over the Lake Charles and Sulphur areas with different films, panels, and music.  Jay Underwood is the guest of honor this year.  You’ll recognize him from The Boy Who Could Fly, Star Trek: Voyager, and the Not Quite Human television films.  He was also in the Roger Corman Fantastic Four film which was never released.  Doomed!, a documentary about the film and its demise, will be shown at the festival and Mr. Underwood will be available to give attendees firsthand knowledge of what went down with the film.


More information about the festival, including all of the scheduled films, panels, and other events and their locations, is available at the festival homepage with additional information at the festival’s Facebook page.  I’ll be there Friday night and all day on Saturday, so look for me if you happen to be in attendance!  This is a free event, so come out if you are able!

Also happening this weekend is Louisiana Comic Con in Lafayette, LA.  I’ve attended this event in the past and have had a really good time.  This year looks to be just as fun as previous years.  Some of the guests include Kathy Najimy (Hocus Pocus, Sister Act), Ryan Hurst (Sons of Anarchy), and Josh Herdman (the Harry Potter films).  The event will also feature cosplayers, fan groups, panels, and lots of other activities.  There’s a very slim chance that I might ride over there on Sunday, but I can’t say anything with confidence.  If you are around the Lafayette area, be sure to attend this event!  Go to their website for more information.


Next weekend (October 13, 14), I’ll be in beautiful Biloxi, MS for the Gulf Coast Fan Fest at the Mississippi Coast Convention Center.  This event will be packed with panels, cosplayers, artists, film and television stars and more!  I will be part of a The Walking Dead on Sunday afternoon, so please come and see me if you are at the convention.  I will also be there on Saturday and hope to attend the kickoff party on Friday evening.


I’m most excited to meet the fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, as well as Seth Gilliam, Denise Crosby, and Joshua Mikel from The Walking Dead.  Werewolf fans will definitely want to meet David Naughton of An American Werewolf In London, and there will be plenty of other celebrities from pop culture on hand as well.  Get tickets and more information at their webpage.  If you order your VIP pass or three weekend pass before midnight tonight, you’ll also get a free Yoda print by Derec Donovan that he and the voice of Yoda, Tom Kane, will sign for free at the convention.


Something else that is near and dear to my heart will be happening that weekend as well, but it will be in Beaumont, TX.  Hurricane Pro will be taking over the Beaumont Civic Center once again with an event that I’m truly sad to be missing.  The current and first ever Hurricane Pro women’s champion, Miranda Alize, will be defending her title in a fatal four way match against Shimmer, WWE, and Ring of Honor stars Britt Baker, Santana Garrett, and Rachael Ellering.  I was there to witness Miranda win the belt the first time and it was a crazy match.  I’m sure that this title defense will be just as awesome.

Other matches that have been announced include Rey Fury vs. Kody Lane vs. Billy Wayne III (with the devious Divinity) in a Triple Threat match, the Pump Patrol vs, Make Your Own Path and a mystery guest for the tag titles, Brysin Scott vs. P.J. Hawx, and heavyweight champion Jordan Jensen defending his belt against Andy Dalton.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

VIP passes are currently available and are twenty-five dollars each.  They include a meet-and-greet and photo-ops with the wrestlers prior to the event.  Individual seats are ten bucks each and a family four pack can be purchased for thirty dollars.  Tickets and more information can be found at Hurricane Pro’s webpage.  This is a family friendly event and I’ve taken my kids many times now.  Hurrican Pro has become a monthly experience for myself and my kids, and I’m really going to miss it this month.


On Saturday, October 20th, I have quite the decision to make.  The Arts & Humanities Council of SWLA will be hosting ArtsFest at the Lake Charles Civic Center and I might end up going to the Texas Renaissance Festival.  I haven’t decided yet as to which event I will be going to, but I will be attending one of them on this weekend.  ArtsFest has always been a fun local event to attend, with the theme changing year to year.  This year the theme is “Outer Space” and will feature mediums such as pottery, painting, drawing, and craftwork.  This is a free event for the children of Lake Charles, and I hope to bring my kids there on Saturday.


If the kids decide that they don’t want to attend ArtsFest, I’ll be heading to the Texas Renaissance Festival for their Pirate Weekend!  This is my favorite festival and I love to go each year.  Unfortunately I missed last year’s festivities, but I’ll definitely make it on at least one weekend this year.  The sights, sounds, and smells of this event keep me coming back.  If and when I do return to TRF, I’ll be sure to give a full report.


My final planned event to attend will take place on Saturday, October 27th, near the Arnaudville, LA area.  Atelier de la Nature will be hosting the family friendly Halloween Art & Nature Festival and it will have all sorts of wonderful Halloween themed events and crafts.  The festival will feature local artists, live music, crafts, trick or treating, a haunted hayride, zombie gardening, and lots of other activities.  I’ve never been to this event before and I’m not sure if this is the first year.  In any case, I’ll have a full report here on my blog after I attend.


I also hope to attend the Living History Cemetery Tour on Friday, October 26th.  This event will feature actors in period specific clothing telling the stories of important people in the history of the Lake Charles and southwest Louisiana.  My plans for this event are up in the air right now, as my job may prevent me from checking this out, but I do hope that any local friends and readers will check this event out if they are able.

As always, thanks for reading.  I have a very busy month ahead with full weekends and traveling for my real job.  I’ll keep you all updated on any and everything that I attend or will be attending.

Hurricane Pro Wrestling 8/18/18

Beaumont, Texas

I crossed the Sabine River into Texas over the weekend with my family for my fourth round of Hurricane Pro Wrestling.  Although I’m still learning about this promotion, it has been around for quite awhile in southeast Texas and has seen steady growth since it first began.  I last wrote about Hurricane Pro in June when they crowned their first Women’s Champion, Miranda Alize, in one of the best live shows that I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended multiple WWE, WCW, NWA, Deep South, and Mid-South shows and tons of independent events over the years).


I wasn’t able to post about last month’s event, but it was excellent as well.  New Tag Team champions were crowned when Alex Lane and Ricardo Cage, together known as Make Your Own Path (M.Y.O.P.) successfully took the belts in a three way tag match.  Don Rodrigo won the Cruiserweight Championship in a shocking upset over Jared Wayne of the Pump Patrol.  The biggest win of the night came when Jordan Jensen defeated long-time Heavyweight Champion Terrale Tempo for the belt.  I didn’t get many good shots that evening, but here’s one of Tempo and Jensen hugging in the ring after their match.


On August 18th, all three of the belts won in July were put on the line.  The event saw all three belts defended, but not without controversy.  The first match of the night saw Don Rodrigo defend his belt against Jared Wayne’s cohort and fellow Pump Patrol stable member, Jonny Flex.  I’d love to see these two have a hair versus hair match, as it was a battle of flowing manes in the opening match.  The Don defeated Flex, but it was an excellent struggle that saw Flex take control of the match multiple times.

Sorry for the poor quality of my photos.  All promotional photos taken from the Hurricane Pro Facebook Page.


The second match featured the high-flying Estrella Galactica taking on Billy Fletcher of the Dark Alliance.  The match featured some excellent moves from both wrestlers and Estrella did a great job winning the match despite the occasional interference of Billy’s valet, the lovely but deadly Divinity.


Match Three of the night saw crowd favorite Bu Ku Dao, the Situ-Asian, square off against the very big and very angry Rex Andrews.  The match featured some excellent aerial and ground work from Dao, but the sheer strength of Andrews and his multiple power moves coupled with some excellent submission maneuvers saw him walk away victorious.  Both men earned the respect of the crowd after putting on an excellent display of speed, strength, and grappling.


After a brief intermission where some of the wrestlers came out to visit with fans and pose for photos, things got underway in the second half of the evening with a brutal tag team match featuring M.Y.O.P. defending their belts against the hungry duo of Curt Matthews and Jared Wayne, the brains and brawn of the Pump Patrol.  The match moved quickly with M.Y.O.P. using their speed and ring knowledge to outmaneuver and outsmart the much bigger Pump Patrol.  There were multiple tags during the match and this resulted in a lot of confusion in the ring.  Thankfully the referee, Said, kept his head during the chaos and gave a ten count to Ricardo Cage of M.Y.O.P. to give the Pump Patrol the win by disqualification.  In the ring, Curt Matthews had Alex Lane pinned for the three count, but this came after Cage was disqualified.  That meant that M.Y.O.P. retained their belts on a technicality since the belts can only change hands by pin or submission.  The Pump Patrol became enraged, stole the belts from M.Y.O.P., and told them that the only way to truly become the Hurricane Pro Tag Team Champions would be to defeat them.


The next match featured the “Pinfall Wizard,” Steve-O-Reno against the man that the people of Beaumont love to hate, Ashton Jacobs.  The duo put on one of the best matches of the night as Jacobs drew a ton of heat from the crowd and Steve-O-Reno won them over with his crazy moves.  Victorious last month, Jacobs’ winning streak would come to an end at the hands of the Pinfall Wizard, as Steve-O-Reno would take Jacobs down in the ring.


The night was capped off by a great main event featuring Heavyweight Champion Jordan Jensen defending his belt for the very first time.  His competition, Ricky Starks, immediately drew heat from the crowd as he taunted and leered at them.  The duo squared off in a fast moving match featuring some excellent high spots and solid grappling moves.  Both Jensen and Sparks wowed the crowd with their moves and in the end, Jensen walked away with a successful title defense.


Next month’s show has already been announced.  Hurricane Pro will return to the Beaumont Civic Center on September 22nd.  The doors will open at 6:30 PM and the first bell rings at 7:00 PM.  If you are in the area, I highly recommend checking out Hurricane Pro.  Their events are family friendly and extremely interactive.  Wrestlers will often come out to visit with the crowd before the matches begin and there’s some great food and items to purchase as well.  During the intermission and after the last match, wrestlers will come out once again to hang out with their fans.


If you’d like more information about Hurricane Pro, check out their website here.  To get the latest scoop on upcoming events, check out their Facebook page or look for them across other social media.

As always, thanks for reading my post.  If you do get a chance to visit a Hurricane Pro show, let me know in advance and we can hang out for a bit.