McFarlane Toys DC Universe Infinite Frontier Robin (2022)

Heir To The Demon Throne!

Swooping in with all of the cocky style expected of him, Robin (Damian Wayne) from DC’s Infinite Frontier Future State story arc has arrived with his own action figure! There’s also a Gold Label Unmasked version sold exclusively on the McFarlane Toys website and on a few of those pesky scalper sites as well. As much as I love Batman, Robin is definitely starting to make a dent in my DC Comics figure and comic book collection. In fact, I probably have more Robin figures, books, and statues than I have of any other DC character except for Batman. In any case, let’s take a look at this great figure!

Robin comes with the standard collector card and base as well as a lone accessory, his sword. The sword looks great and easily fits into Robin’s right hand. He features a flowing black cape with a yellow interior, grey high tops with green laces and faded red soles, and his suit is primarily grey with faded red trim. His utility belt is lined with silvery white snapped pockets.

I really love the attention to detail on this figure. His shoes are a particularly cool highlight and I love the grid-like look of his shirt and pants. I have to be honest and say that this particular outfit is one of my least favorite Robin suits from the comics, but I do like it on this figure. Robin is also very poseable with only minor limitations at the shoulder (as always seems the case with McFarlane’s DC figures). He’s also about an inch and a half shorter than other figures in this line in order to maintain scale. That doesn’t bother me but I did want to mention it for collectors who might be curious about the scale.

This is a pretty brief review but I have very few complaints about this figure. He looks great, has solid articulation, and stands on my shelf with ease. I definitely recommend picking up this figure, especially if you are a Robin fan!

Thanks for checking out my review. See you again soon!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Talon (2022)

“He doesn’t have a name. Men have names, and he isn’t a man.”

The sinister assassin that does the dirty work for the Court of Owls in Gotham City comes to life in McFarlane Toys’ DC Multiverse Talon. Talon is one of my favorite recent Batman villains and I am glad to finally have a seven inch version of the character in my collection. I also have one of the Spin Master four inch figures but this bad boy from McFarlane is definitely an upgrade. The figure is based upon the New 52 William Cobb version of the character. Let’s hope that more versions, especially Calvin Rose, see the light of day.

The figure comes with a stand, two daggers, two swords, a sheath for the swords, and a collector card. The stand and card are standards of all figures in this line. The daggers look great and fit nicely in Talon’s hands, but there’s no place to store them on the figure, so they will perpetually be held by Cobb until I find a place to store them. Thankfully the sheath that attaches to Talon’s back holds both swords quite well. The sheath has two slits in it that allow you to slide the swords in place. The sheath does have a tendency to pop off of Cobb’s back, so once you get it in place, lock the figure down in a pose and he should display quite nicely.

Posing the figure is a bit awkward at times. His articulation is surprisingly limited in the arms and with the sheath on his back (at least in my case) he tends to be a bit top heavy. His mask also greatly limits his head movement. He looks great, however. There’s a ton of attention given to his gloves, knife bandolier, claw, throwing darts, and his amazing mask. The mask, as fans already know, has a bit of a Steampunk motif going on with it. The “owl horns” are soft plastic and move with just the slightest touch. The rest of the figure is built solid.

Talon is a beautiful figure and I love the details in him. Despite somewhat stiff joints, this is a great addition to my collection. I’m sure that any fan of Talon would be pleased with this figure.

Thanks for reading my post. See you again soon!

Marvel Legends Retro Kenner 3.75: 2021 Daredevil and 2021 Electro (Reissue)

The Man Without Fear And A Really Shocking Villain!

Since 2020 Marvel and Hasbro (releasing as Kenner) have produced a collection of vintage carded Marvel superhero and villain action figures with beautiful cardbacks and figures that look like the classic five point of articulation figures of the 1970’s and 80’s but actually feature seven points of articulation. As more of a DC fan, I’ve never really gotten into collecting a lot of Marvel figures except for characters like Spider-Man, Daredevil, Nightcrawler, and good ol’ Doctor Doom. I saw plenty of the vintage figures on pegs at stores, but never pulled the trigger on buying any of them until I recently stumbled upon a couple of them on clearance.

Being a huge fan of Daredevil and also a pretty big fan of the classic looking Electro, I decided to pick up both of these figures at a price that was just a tad bit above half of the original Walmart retail price. Both were released in 2021. The Electro figure is a reissue of the 2020 figure with a different cardback. Both figures come with the previously mentioned seven points of articulation. They have swivel heads, shoulders, hips, and forearms (the two extra POA). The boots look like they are articulated but they are actually glued in place. The paint apps are reminiscent of classic figures from the 70’s and 80’s as well. Both figures have peg holes in their feet and Daredevil, for whatever reason, has a peg hole in his back.

As someone who prefers to open figures, I’ll most likely only buy more of these figures if I find them on clearance. At around twelve bucks apiece retail, they are definitely better suited to collectors who have no intentions of ever freeing these figures from their cardbacks. Younger children will definitely enjoy playing with these figures but would a parent really want to drop twenty five bucks for two figures with limited articulation and only one (or no) accessories? With that in mind, I can only recommend collectors to pick these figures up for their collection.

Thanks for reading my review of these two cool figures. While they might be priced a bit too high for the little ones to enjoy, older fans will definitely love having these figures in their collection. I have one other Marvel figure review coming up later this week, so keep an eye out for that one!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Rebirth Batman (2022)

The human capacity for good is incredibly powerful….”

I can describe McFarlane’s 2022 Rebirth Batman in one word: Beautiful. It’s a beautiful figure. From the iconic black bat outlined in yellow on his chest to the purple underside of his cape, this Rebirth Batman is gorgeous. The figure is simple, slender, and looks amazing on display. I love this figure and it will most likely be my favorite Batman figure until the day that I leave this world.

Yes, it’s obvious that I love this figure but I seriously do love it. There’s something so amazing about the design of this figure that makes it stand out from my ever-growing collection of McFarlane DC Multiverse figures. It comes with the standard points of articulation that all of these figures come with and it features the McFarlane standard of almost zero accessories. It comes with a base, a collector card, a batarang, and a grappling gun. To be honest, that’s really all you need for this figure.

If I have any gripes about this figure they are primarily about the packaging. Instead of an image from a Rebirth comic, It comes with a photograph of the figure on the box and the card. One other minor complaint is that the grappling gun is a bit awkward to place in Batman’s hand and the batarang can really only rest in his hand. Despite this, the figure poses amazingly well with the batarang in hand.

I recently happened to acquire a free TV stand/media tower while helping a friend move. He had nowhere to put the tower in his new place so he offered it to me as a thanks for helping him move. I cleaned it up as best as I could (it was stored in a garage closet for a few years) and set it up in my office at work. Below is a photo of the Rebirth Batman on display along with Robin in front of my Hush Bat insignia. You can also see Superman on the lower shelf.

This Batman figure is a real beauty and it is definitely worth adding to your collection if your a Batman, a McFarlane Toys fan, or a DC Comics fan in general. Get your hands on this figure. You won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading this extremely fanboyed review! I really do like this figure and hope that you like it as well. Let me know in the comments if you plan on getting this figure or if you already own it, tell me what you like or dislike about it. See you again real soon!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Flash (2022)

“Run, Barry!”

McFarlane Toys unleashed a wonderful Barry Allen figure this year. Nope, it wasn’t based upon the image of Ezra Miller nor was it modeled after any of the recent Flash comics. It’s based on Grant Gustin’s portrayal of the character from the seventh season of the CW series, The Flash.

This figure looks amazing. The likeness of Grant Gustin is excellent. The figure mold looks wonderful as well. It looks as if it were taken right off of the television series. Everything from the texture of the suit to the lightning bolt emblem is well done.

The figure comes with the standard DC base and a collector card. It also comes with two speed force lightning “bolts” that Barry can hold and one speed force accessory that can be attached to his chest. The chest piece is a bit awkward, but the bolts look pretty cool.

The figure’s articulation is pretty solid. It’s some of the best that I’ve seen on a McFarlane DC Multiverse figure in a long time. The figure’s joints are stiff, but not so tight that I was ever worried that I might break them. The POAs in the feet, in particular the ankles, were the only POAs that I found with the potential to be too weak in the long run. For now, they hold in place.

If you are looking for an excellent Grant Gustin-based figure, this is the one that I’d go with if I were you. It looks great and is perfect for posing. I currently have my figure on display at my office. He looks awesome.

Thanks for checking out my post. Believe it or not, I have more figure reviews waiting in the wings! See you again real soon!

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Martian Manhunter (2022)

“The future is worth the fight.”

J’onn J’onzz may use too many apostrophes in his name but no one can deny that he’s one of the coolest superheroes that DC has ever dreamed up, Martian Manhunter! Using his DC Rebirth likeness as the basis for their figure, McFarlane Toys knocks another one out of the park! The figure was released in 2022 and yours truly just so happened to get his hands on one recently.

The figure features some great paint apps. The purples and greens contrast one another to perfection. The deep reds used for Martian Manhunter’s eyes look amazing. The purple and black on his soft rubber cape also looks wonderful. Heck, event the trim on suit looks great! This is one of the best looking figures that McFarlane has put out in a long time in my opinion.

The figure is very limited on accessories, unfortunately. In fact, he doesn’t come with any accessories unless you count the standard collector card and DC figure stand. He definitely should have come with a flight stand and I don’t see why that wasn’t included given the fact that A) Martian Manhunter can fly and B) we didn’t even get a second pair of hands or a second head! This is my only gripe with this figure. I really wish that I could have been given a pair of closed fists instead just the one fist and a hand that looks like it could hold something.

Of course, fans of McFarlane toys are used to not getting many accessories with their figures, so I’m going to let that slide and mention that of all of the recent McFarlane figures that I’ve picked up, this Martian Manhunter figure has some of the best points of articulation that I’ve seen in awhile. All of the joints are solid and move easily. They maintain their position extremely well. If I have any complaints, it’s that J’onn’s head is a bit hindered by his collar. Other than that, he’s perfect. Just keep him away from matches!

I’m not kidding when I say that this is a beautiful figure. He looks great on my shelf. I often find myself just staring at him and another figure that I’ll be reviewing very soon. If you’re a fan of Martian Manhunter, get this figure. If you simply love beautiful figures, get this figure. You won’t regret it.

Thanks for reading my post. Some of you might have noticed that I’m attempting to take more interesting photos of my figures using light boxes and different lighting techniques. Please bear with me as I attempt to improve my amateur photography skills.

See you again real soon!

McFarlane Toys Gold Label DC Multiverse Parallax (2022)

“I’ve taken the name Parallax.

Way back in 1994, DC decided to drive Hal Jordan insane. In the Emerald Twilight story, Hal absorbed all of the power of the Central Power Battery on Oa, wiped out the rest of the Green Lantern Corps (except for Ganthet), and became the baddie that we all know and love as Parallax. McFarlane recently released their Walmart Exclusive Gold Label version of the character and I was lucky enough to find one. Yes, you’ll have to visit the Big Blue Box Store to pick up this figure (or order it online), but it’s worth the trip.

There was only one Parallax figure on my store’s shelf, and the box was damaged on the top. Since I planned on opening the package, this wasn’t a big deal to me. I just made sure that all of the included accessories were there. Thankfully, everything was intact so I grabbed Hal and a Flash figure that I’ll review soon and headed for the checkout.

The figure comes with a collector card featuring artwork from the Emerald Twilight books. It also comes with a DC figure base, a lantern, and two green energy orbs. Unfortunately for me, one of the orbs was slightly brown on the inside as if it had burned during its creation and the coloring actually bleeds through to the outside of the orb. I’m also a bit miffed that the figure did not come with a flight stand. The lantern and other orb looked great, however, and I have other flight stands that I can use for posing the figure.

The figure looks amazing. The contrast between the green and black coloration is beautiful. Hal’s hands are green and translucent, as if he’s about to inflict some damage with them. The green orbs fit fairly well on Hal’s hands and he holds the lantern with relative ease. The figure comes with over twenty-two points of articulation (the box officially lists twenty-two but I count twenty-five). All of his joints are surprisingly strong and hold their pose.

The paint applications look great and I love the design of the cape on the figure. The figure is very imposing and looks great on the shelf, especially when paired up with comic versions of characters like Superman. This is a great figure overall and I really recommend you snap one up if you get the chance.

Thanks for checking out my review. I really like this figure and have been attempting to take better photos with it. I’ve been experimenting with a ring light and the above photo is just one of the many photos that I took. Hopefully I’ll be able to add a bit more “pizazz” to the images in my reviews as I continue working with the ring light.

See you again real soon!

Bandai Stranger Things “The Void” Series: Eddie

“I didn’t run away this time, right?”

Don’t worry, kids. I won’t be spoiling the latest season of Stranger Things in this post. Well, maybe if you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know that Eddie Munson was a new character added this season, I just spoiled that with the above photo, but I promise that I won’t spoil anything else besides giving this brief description of the character: Eddie Munson is a metal head, a dungeon master in Dungeons & Dragons, and leader of the Hellfire Club, his own D&D group, at Hawkins High School. He’s become fast friends with Mike, Dustin, and Lucas and will soon find himself being hunted down for a crime that he didn’t commit. He also found himself in action figure form thanks to Bandai.

I was lucky enough to find Eddie’s Stranger Things “The Void” Series 7″ Action Figure from Bandai on clearance at one of my favorite Walmart locations. He was (most likely strategically) placed all of the way at the back of a row of about five Eleven figures. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The figure is available online but this was the first and only time that I’ve seen the figure in an actual store. Top it off with the fact that I snagged him for half of the original retail price (suck on that, scalpers), and I was a very happy fellow.

Now, getting down to my actual review of the figure, the likeness of it to Joseph Quinn is pretty good. The figure is wearing a jacket, a Hellfire Club tee, and Eddie’s iconic denim vest. As far as details go, the vest itself features a number of blank pins and patches and on the back of the jacket we get a Hellfire Club patch instead of the Dio The Last In Line patch featured in the series. I actually don’t mind this as I can imagine that it would have been expensive for Bandai to come up with licensing fees for Dio, W.A.S.P., and any other bands featured on the vest. It doesn’t ruin the figure at all.

I also like the fact that Bandai included the rag hanging from the left back pocket and the wallet chain on the right of Eddie’s pants. They also included slight rips in the jeans at the knees, rings on Eddie’s fingers (all of which are flesh toned) and a few other neat touches. Sure, some of them could have looked better but I’m okay with them overall.

The only things that really disappointed me about this figure were the fact that there were zero accessories and the tongues of his shoes were molded and painted into the bottoms of his jeans instead of on the shoes. It would have been cool to have Eddie’s guitar, maybe a D&D handbook, some twenty-sided dice, or perhaps an extra head with different facial features or another set of hands. The tongues make it difficult to pose Eddie in any fashion where his foot is pointed at an angle since the tongue is permanently in a forward position.

The figure comes with eighteen points of articulation. At least that’s how many I counted. He lacks peg holes in the bottoms of his feet, so you can’t use a standard NECA-style peg stand for this figure. He does stand just fine on his own. The box looks pretty cool. I’m especially fond of the backdrop used inside of the packaging.

Overall this isn’t a bad figure, especially considering that I have seen very little Eddie Munson-specific merchandise in the wild. I haven’t looked online for any Eddie stuff, but now I might have to see if there’s a better figure out there. Let me know what you think of the figure in the comments section and, as always, thanks for checking out my post.

Eddie and the gang!

Spin Master Batman Batcave

“Oh, you’re everything they say you are, aren’t ya???”

I really enjoyed The Batman. I recently reviewed it on my blog and loved almost everything about it. I was recently offered the chance to review one of the Spin Master toys based upon the film and decided to give it a shot. In all honesty I haven’t collected any Spin Master toys from the film because I’m much more interested in the McFarlane Toys figures that are being produced. Spin Master’s line is geared toward children and I love the company for that fact, but this film’s toys need to be grittier and more adult in my opinion. With that being said, here’s my review for Spin Master’s The Batman “Batman Batcave.”

This is definitely the biggest play set that I’ve ever personally reviewed from Spin Master. It comes with quite a few pieces. There’s the Batcave stairwell that must be assembled (two sets of stairs and the walkway snap together), a multi-screen computer desk, a work bench with places to store the included cowl and chest plate, the Batcycle, a red grappling gun, two Batarangs, a suitcase that opens, cash that can be stored in the suitcase, the Penguin’s umbrella with a blade that can be hidden in the handle, and two figures, an unmasked Batman and the Penguin. There’s also a parking stand for the Batcycle. I plan on using it in the future to display pretty much all of my Spin Master stuff as I review it.

The walkway features a trapdoor that opens whenever you apply just a little bit of pressure to it. There’s also a detachable rail that you can toss figures through but it’s locked in place rather tightly. I don’t see kids getting much use out of the rail but they’ll probably enjoy the trapdoor. The computer desk features monitors that have stickers on them. The stickers on the one that I received were bubbled up a bit and I had to smooth them out a bit. Once I did this, the desk looked great. I love the work bench. There are tools, Batarangs, and a pair of Batman’s gloves molded into the desktop and a place to store the cowl and chest plate. The cowl slides onto a molded head and the chest plate snaps into place on a molded chest. They look great on the desk. The grappling gun and extra Batarangs look fine enough, but the grappling gun looks nothing like the one from the film and that Batarangs fit poorly in Batman’s hands. Penguin’s suitcase and umbrella fit his hands better than than Batman’s accessories and, at least in my opinion, look better as well.

The Batcycle looks cool and is very similar to the one featured in the film. It’s a slick looking bike and it look great on its stand. It features a kickstand that prevents it from falling on its side. The best thing about this bike to me is the fact that Batman can actually sit on it without any difficulties or awkward posing. This is one of the first Spin Master vehicles that I’ve found that actually fits their action figures properly.

The two action figures that come with this set are pretty good. The likeness of Robert Pattinson as Batman/Bruce Wayne is okay, especially for a Spin Master figure, but the figure’s cape sits loosely on its back and looks very cheap. The cowl that comes with the set can be placed on Batman’s head, but the back of the cowl is completely open and looks oversized on the figure. I recommend purchasing another cowled Batman figure if you want that look and keep this one unmasked. The Penguin figure doesn’t look much like Colin Farrell in the film. The figure features a much gentler looking face without all of the scarring that Farrell’s version of the character features in the film. Despite this fact, I love this figure. There’ssomething about him that screams “Businessman who just had a bad day” and I love it. Both of the figures feature the standard eleven points of articulation expected to come with Spin Master figures.

I’m sure that kids will get a kick out of playing with the Batcycle, the workbench, and the computer desk as well as both figures. The stairs and walkway aren’t as impressive, but they make for a darn nice display. I think that collectors will appreciate both of the figures and the Batcycle. I also believe that they’ll love using one or all of the pieces for display. Overall, a decent set with just a few minor issues.

Thanks for checking out this review. Let me know what you think about this set in the comments.

McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse The Batman (2022)

“I’m vengeance!”

With The Batman due to hit theaters on March 4th and with me being such a huge fan of the character in pretty much all of his incarnations, I had to snap up the McFarlane Toys version of the Dark Knight as soon as I saw it. I can’t wait for the film and having this figure in hand makes me even that more excited for the movie.

The figure is pretty nice overall. The only included accessory is a grappling hook gun. This is par for the course with McFarlane and it doesn’t look like this will change any time soon. In my opinion, Batman is the one hero who is the poster child for multiple accessories. Oh, well, one can only dream. He does also come with the token trading card and DC figure stand, though, and I always appreciate those two things.

There’s a ton of attention to detail that McFarlane is known for for but a closer look at the figure reveals a few misfires. First of all, the shoulder pads on the figure are made of soft plastic. That’s not necessarily an issue, but if you lift Batman’s arms up at the shoulder, the pads either get caught under his cape or pop out in an unsightly manner. Also, the cape just doesn’t look attached at all. I’m assuming that it is tucked under the chest plate in the film, but on the figure it just lies on top of the plate in a gingerly fashion. My figure also features a few stiff joints.

My biggest gripe with this figure is the grappling gun and everything associated with it. There’s a peg in Batman’s right hand where you have to snap the gun into place. It looks like he’s using the Force to hold it there instead of actually holding it with his hand. The handle pokes out beneath which makes the whole thing look unnatural. Why couldn’t they have just closed Batman’s hand a little bit so that he can actually hold the grappling gun? If you try to extend Batman’s arm to fire the grappling hook into some railing above you risk popping out the shoulder pad and Batman’s head can’t turn upwards enough for a shot high into the rafters. If you look at the photos below, you’ll get a better idea of what I’m trying to say.

I will say that the figure looks great on display. As I mentioned, the attention to detail is great. You can see the stitching in Batman’s cowl and distinguish the different pieces of what appears to be plate armor. His boot laces also stand out and his utility belt is wonderful. The face is pretty close to what I have seen of Robert Pattinson in the cowl as well.

As a display figure, The Batman is a winner. As a figure that you might want to pose in battle against the Riddler or any other member of the Rogue’s Gallery, he just doesn’t work. Still, it’s a pretty good figure that’s definitely worthy of purchase.

Thanks for reading my post. I can’t wait to see the film and you know that I’ll be reviewing it once I do!